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    Two of these questions is Southern Supplement specific for stewards and anyone that has TCD experience in the southern supplement. The southern supplement has some language that is not in the other supplements.

    I am going to be going into the TCD class later this year and have a few questions. I know that in the Southern Region, the TCD’s get paid 85% of top out PCD pay.

    1.) What is the time frame that the 30 day qualifier has to be in (90, 120, etc) to carry the pay rate over into PCD progression? Is it 30 driving days in 90 (120, etc.) driving days, or is it 30 driving days in 90 (120, etc.) calendar days?

    2.) How does seniority work on assigning days to drive? Is it based off when you became a TCD, or overall PT seniority? If it based on the day you became TCD, if 2 people have the same TCD seniority, does it then go to overall seniority? I presume it is center based and not building based, is this correct?

    3.) I had someone say something to the effect of “We have TCD’s that know 6 or 7 routes, and some that only know 1. It is hard to justify using the ones that only know 1. We don’t always have the volume to justify sending TCD’s out on routes with a driver to learn the route.” Is this right? It seems to violate seniority to me. It was not a center manager but was a person in a non-union job (don’t want to say too much online on this).

    4.) What kind of issues is there with the transition from TCD to PCD with carrying over the payrate and not having to go through another qualifying period. I have heard of instances of both easy and being screwed and having to fight for it.

    Thank you.
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    5.) How long is the qualifier good for? if qualify to carry over the pay, then don't drive for a while, would you need to re-qualify for the carry-over?

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    I don't even know where to start. Being a TCD, seniority is based off part time seniority since it is a part time position. Route knowledge doesn't matter. It goes off seniority. If you only know 1 route and they work someone below your seniority u file a seniority grievance and get paid for the hours that person worked. Transition from part time to full time is nothing more than them telling you your full time and you report to drive everyday. Once u have finished driving school you are good to go. Even if you don't drive for 6 months you don't have to ever taken the school again. Not sure about progression rates. I'm sure that is in the contract. Same seniority needs to be decided by a coin flip. One coin flip determines who will supersede the other from then on.
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    Since seniority is based on total pt seniority, the coin flip probably won't apply to me. Going in almost top seniority of new tcd's, and have more seniority than some that have previously qualified.
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    What about the 30 day qualifier to carry tcd pay over to ft progression. Do you know in what time frame it needs to be accomplished?
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    30 days n 90 working days.. Hub seniority sticks once qualified.