Tcd rules?

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  1. Does anyone know the rules per the union on if you are a tcd and drive everyday but for a day or two they ask you to come on early to run air and early am packages are you required to work your normal shift afterwards say if you worked the afternoon sort before they pulled you for tcd ?
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    I do know the rules for avoiding run-on sentences.
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    Holy run on sentence batman. One question mark for all that. Geez.
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    You need to check with your manager on that one on a daily basis. Make sure they get your pay rate correct if you do both jobs. I do not believe you are required contractually to come in for the afternoon sort. I may be wrong as i have been before. Someone may come along shortly with more knowledge than I, but I don't think you have to.
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    Work as Directed, file grievances later. As-ALWAYS :-)
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    If you are not delivering a regular route, just doing EAMs and air, you would be expected to work your regular afternoon shift.
  7. Overpaid Union Thug

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    If working your regular shift doesn't cause you to violate DOT laws then you are required to work that shift if you deliver air in the morning.

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