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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Niceride, Sep 10, 2013.

  1. Niceride

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    From the Dvd and all the mail we have received on Teamcare benefits suggest that the co pay drops from $20 to $10 on doctor visits and prescreptions go from a 80/20 to no cost for 90 day mail order up to a max of $5.00 per prescreption. This all sounds good but I was told by my local Teamster / Ups Business agent that if we already had teamcare our befits would remain the same and we were not eligible for the new discouted rates. Is that true? That's a bunch of Bull.....we all should have the same coverage.
  2. RealPerson

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    That is in the air.. I have not heard a solid answer either way, but it will probably only affect the people being moved.
    I HOPE it will change for current members already.
    I say this, because when the 140K new members being moved to the C-6 enhanced program, it did nothing for current members.

    Also, as some have pointed out, the answer they tell you doesn't matter, as
    The Union can change the benefits at Any Time.
  3. Anonymous 10

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    Your ba is either full of crap or you heard him wrong.
  4. RealPerson

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    So, you are saying they decided to include he current CS people this time?

    Have a link to it somewhere??
  5. subdivide

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    Is it true that every UPS teamster in USA will have the exact same TeamCare Plan. Every one?
  6. subdivide

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    Who's side are you on?
  7. Niceride

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    I found more information last night on Teamcare website....states current members will continue to pay the $20.00 co pay , they will have a 100/200 deductible. really only thing changes other then new members will have no deductible till last year of contract is we all have same prescreption benifits such as no cost to 90 day mail order and a max of $5.00. everything else appears the same.
  8. East coast navy

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    It doesn't matter. The ones they were try to comidate have fond their own plan(177 and the west). That makes up of 30,000 members (ish). If we found our own plan who is it going to apply to. May be a hand full if not any. Looks like a lot of locals are at square one again.
  9. sortaisle

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    I'm is it any different than it was before? I don't see a bunch of posts from the last 4 contracts I've been under wondering why your coverages was lesser than anyone else'. I can see why it would be worrying, but it's no different than before. If everyone had the same coverage, then people in CA, NY, MA, WA, OR, and all the other places with higher costs of living would effectively take a pay cut. There's a reason why some locals have had better coverage than other areas and it's to make up for the cost of living disparity.
  10. 1989

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    i thought COLA was for cost of living. That's why some places make more than others. Say you work in a state with an income tax, then you move to a state w/o plus your wage increases .75 an hour. You will take home an extra $100 a week on average.
  11. sortaisle

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    COLA raises are based on national inflation, not state.
  12. sortaisle

    sortaisle Livin the cardboard dream

    And I was talking about the whole compensation package, not just monetary. I'm not saying it's the whole reason, but it's a major reason.
  13. brownmonster

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    I've always been OK with my health coverage. Never really cared what any other locals or regions had. I concern myself with the catastrophic stuff like a heart attack or cancer. Not too worried about a co-pay increase or other small changes. It's free health insurance, not free healthcare.