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I found flyer from the 2013 contract on the weekly contributions that UPS has to put into each members Health and Welfare in the Central"

8/1/17......461.92 = 24,024 annually (full time)

8/1/17......296.57 = 15,444 annually (part time)

At the end of this 5 year contract the full time Health and Welfare contribution rate will be at 29,224 per full time member, the part time rate will be 17,004 yearly.

This is separate from the Pension contributions which should be about the same monetary contributions.

Are will in this tentative contract getting our moneys worth considering the amount of monetary contributions going into both plans?


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The Teamcare contributions also cover retirement coverage for current and former employees.

UPS wanted out of Healthcare for the retirees bad enough they were willing to spend twice as much on PT as they did in the company plan.

If anything the contributions might not be enough for what we get. I hope Teamcare did not bite of more then it can chew.


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If you have kids or are old with medical conditions you definitely get your monies worth.
Health plans rely on the healthy to pay for the sick

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Might be a good deal if they don’t squander the pension money and you actually get a pension. Lots of trustworthy folks when it comes to pensions. I’d rather get the money and trust myself.