Teamsters local meeting erupts in anger as union official calls UPS workers’ wages “subjective"

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    Great article that I just stumbled across. If it was posted before, I apologize.

    Teamsters local meeting erupts in anger as union official calls UPS workers’ poverty wages “subjective”

    Some highlights:

    Hailing the supposed generosity of UPS management, Marshall claimed UPS would spend half its $6 billion in profits on wages and benefits under the proposed contract. In a “perfect world,” workers would get it all, he declared, but “when I was a kid, I also wanted a pony.” When workers raised concerns about workplace grievances, Marshall told them to file a complaint—to which the workers replied that they had, but it “went nowhere.”

    Marshall said references to “poverty wages for part-timers”—who make up 70 percent of UPS’ workforce and are paid as little as $10 per hour—were “subjective.” He added that claims that “the 9.5 system is broken are subjective too, because it’s always gonna be broken.”.....
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    wide load Starting wage is a waste of time.

    Only if we accept that
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    no tiered workers, higher wages, good benefits, decent hours, not screwing the PT’s

    pick three
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    Local 542! Hey I know that place! :)
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    Also I was there and the person who wrote this is spinning a nice little tail. Taking bits and pieces of a 4 hour meeting to make it seem like a all out uproar.
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    Pick your nose
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  7. You spelled ass wrong.
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    I was a kid too in some point but was smart enough to know that pony is too expensive, too much work, and have better chance of getting something else.
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    the "subjective" part was bull :censored2: