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    Can someone please explain to me more about Teamsters? All I can find is corruption, greed and ties to the mob. What's the deal?
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    If you are a driver, look at your paycheck, healthcare and pension.

    If you are a part-timer ... let me think for a while.
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    well------nobodys perfect.
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    Well it goes like this...Jim Casey decided early on that the teamsters could provide a way for his employees to get fair representation.The teamsters got greedy and expanded into "other areas"....they are probably reading as we type...they now have our IP numb...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
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    I'm OK but my knees hurt
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    Personally I didn't think the Teamsters got greedy enough when it came to dealing with UPS.
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    So you've seen pictures of Rod?
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    Teamsters at ups are the hardest workers in the industry. Oh hell we are the hardest workers in the world.
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    I'm not a driver, and I am not a troll. I used to work in the datacenter. I don't "bleed brown". I think it's f'ed up the pressure that myself and others were getting feeling forced into donating for United Way and feeling forced into giving money to UPSPAC. I have never really understood the whole Teamsters thing so I thought I'd ask out of curiosity. Personally, I had a close bond with many of the people I worked with and know the hard work and loyalty that the employees have. I just think overall that the company has too much corruption and greed at the top and would be happy to see the people who are poisoning it get pushed out for good.
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    Teamsters the union are for all their faults and warts a great representation for the workers @ UPS .Benefits second to none ,Pension, and raises on an annual basis . Representation in the workplace a vaulable and responsible advocate for the everyday worker.
    UPS Teamsters the peeps as stated earlier in this thread are some of the hardest working people on the planet and largely responsible for UPS's success as a bussiness.
    Contrary to Hoax's comment the Teamsters to this point have been good to the part timers . Once you are done your progression you can search far and wide and not find a job with the benefits,pay,and yes a pension as good as that negotiated by the Teamsters @ UPS for a part time worker.
    Stop watching Jack Nicholson and Danny DiVito in "Hoffa" and get with the real world.
    Remember you are the Union !!! Unless you really are a troll.
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    So you were never in the union and no longer work for the company. In your retrospect of your employment you noticed how your higher ups were making more then you and feeding you crumbs while you worked tirelessly everyday doing the best job you could. You looked around for solidarity, yet there was none in the corporate level, only down in the trenches. As you looked down in the trenches you saw how this segment of the company had representation and bargained for their share of the pie. Alone and depressed, you decided to quit the company and figure out how the teamsters achieved for their members what you'll never have. Instead of looking up how these agreements came about, you decided to become a teamsters scholar by watching mob movies, depicting the teamsters as nothing more than a puppet for their use.
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    I know what the dates's called "history"..maybe you should read up on more of it.

    I have a lot of links with more current dates of articles and facts. I'll be posting them soon.
  19. and you get the privilege of being a subscriber of the worlds most expensive 10 page magazine! whats better than that
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    ...I only read the last two pages to see yet another union official who screwed up...