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    We went live a few months ago ,***** hit the fan now,manager told sups to pull 5 drivers a day to write them up for not following telematics,we'll call her Naba,as some know you cant even put the truck in drive with your foot on the brake then put it in drive or your on the report.Question for some tech freak,if I buy a gps jammer will it work with this system,If it does work can I get in trouble?Think I'm gonna try it anyway just to play with them.For those who dont have it ,it makes your day longer because your following methods to the tee.before we got it sups and managers were turning a blind eye on leaving bulk head door open and not using belts in condos and sheeting in trucks{cant scan pkg in truck or you will be written up for recording while idleing.Now they cant.For those in cold climates you will not be leaving truck on during lunch for heat,sorry need to save them money even if you freeze.Now there riding EVERY driver because its taking longer 45min overtime =alot of money.
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    Please see the thread "UPS is wiring your truck". It might be helpful.
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    Your neighbor, UpStateNYUPSer, can help with spelling and grammer and making your posts easier to read. :happy-very:

    There are other threads on Telematics that you find interesting.
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    Of course I need help with grammar and spelling,I'm just a dummy delivering boxes.DUH
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    Maybe he can help you also.There are other threads onTELEMATICS that you MAY find interesting.Unless you were asking me a question then put ? at the end.Dosent feel good ,does it?
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    lol CLASSIC even the grammar police screw up
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    Whats the point in having multiple threads on the same subject? Its pretty damn pointless....And btw Hoaxster was joking with you about's called sarcasm
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    thanks for the post about real life experience with telematics,, seems every post about the subject turns into pointless bickering about grammer or other stupid off topic crap,,, thx for the info
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    Not to be redundant, but...what is your problem?!
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    I wouldn't expect anything else from BC!!:happy-very:
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    I laughed ... laughing feels good.

    BTW ... everyone from CT this touchy?
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    telemaics can be good or bad.itcan help you get better atyour job.providefeedback on the things you are doing good and those thingsyou need to improveon. somepeople think that ups mgt will use it to hammer people but the contract has stipulations that technology cannot be used for discipline purposes. you bring up a goodpoint about having to keep teh buckhead door closed allthe time. I never did and ican see where that would slow you down. i doubt if most mgt is too entusiastic about it either. Time will tell what impact it has on production and safety. :wink2:
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    I would like to nominate this thread as "The fasted to go bad" that I have seen in a long time.

    Hoaxter, behave yourself :wink2:
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    Not always this touchy,If my spelling and grammer were great I'd be proof reading for a major publisher,anyway ,your right .It is better in oneway ,you dont care what time you get home now because you HAVE to do it right.Is it safer.Yes but you still have moron drivers that rush because they wanna go home and see their family.For instance one idiot has 20 stops on his dash at a time so he dosent have to open the bulk door at every stop(sup told him that trick)and still drives like a lunatic.No they cant discipline for technology but theres 5-10 guys at the mangers door every morning.Its just a hassle.Asked a guy why it took him 4min to do a stop.Why because the cust was handicapped and it took that long,dont they have better things to do?Hey upstate ,do you have telematics?
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    I guess that drivers that don't have it really don't comprehend what's going on until they get it.You'll understand when it comes to your center.
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    Telematics should only concern those drivers who are not doing the job the way that they were trained. It is possible to do the job quickly and follow the methods. Telematics does not concern me.
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    I think this guy just won 30 internets.
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    We just got a new center manager from a hub that had telematics. He told us a little about it and then said we may never see it in our neck of the woods. Could it be it's killing production too much?