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  1. Papa Bear

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    New to the site, so hello!

    I am currently doing preload and wanting to be a full time driver. Our hub is trying to hire a temp driver and I have heard some say I should do that instead of waiting for a full time driver position to open. Just curious what you all think. Why would going to temp or waiting for a full time gig be a wise choice. Thank you so much for your input!

    Bonus question: Will the 22.4 position from the new contract affect your answer?
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    What’s a temp?
    Never heard of it.
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    It's a good way to gain experience
  4. Cover driver?
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    Oh...never heard it called that.
  6. I've heard it on here but we don't have them at our place either.
  7. Just like @Turdferguson doesn't know what indoor plumbing is?
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    If you want to do preload 10 more years then wait till a fulltime bid..
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    Part time sorter or off-streeter (makes less, $18.xx but can't be hired before perm PTer) who runs full time routes when asked to, cover vacations, etc. In my area they can run June 1-Jan 15 under the current Contract.

    I dunno how the new Contract will affect it, but the advantage for me was that my pay red circled at my temp driver pay rate and I didn't have a qualifying period when I went FT.

    When you red circle, your minimum FT pay/hr becomes $24/25.xx (my area) instead of starting at $18.xx and working your way up progression. So years 1-3 of FT you're at $24/25.xx until progression catches up with you on your way to top rate. I'd already done enough temp driving to cover that period when I went FT so it seemed fair to me.
  10. N
    Not here.
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    Temp? It is what those wimpy Arizona drivers are crying over!

  12. Papa Bear

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    Where I am at, the wait for a full time gig would only be about another month or two for me assuming our hub keeps hiring at the rate we have been so if the full time gig is the better deal, there is no reason I wouldn't just wait it out another month or so.
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    Wonder if Papa Bear knows Papa Smurf?
  14. Papa Bear

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    Thank you for your response. Very helpful.

    My concern with the 22.4's was that if I became a temp driver, would there not be less of a need for temp drivers? Could it be an eliminated position when they could just hire a 22.4?

    From a pay perspective ($24 as opposed to the starting pay for full timer) it's a no brainer. But I just can't help but think there is a good reason someone wouldn't want to take the position. Apparently, our hub uses temp drivers year round and almost every day. So I would essentially be doing the same job as a full time driver for more $$$. My question is, what is the catch? Because surely there is one...
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    A temp driver is a tcd on the east coast. Full time driving from June 1st till Jan 15th
  20. We don't have them here.