1. J

    PT going to FT question

    Hey! I was wondering what I should do in my situation, I've been working as an air driver for a bit and enjoy it. I want to go full-time but my hub is only air and all drivers are PT except for the few FT air drivers from other hubs who do shuttle in the morning at our hub. Most of the drivers...
  2. specter208

    22.4 Saturday preffered area or route

    Want opinion. Not sure if this is the same everywhere or if it’s worth talking about with the Union. 22.4s on Saturday at my building are not permitted to use seniority to get on preferred routes or areas. Supervisor picks when and where you are. Asking for something else is not guaranteed...
  3. J

    Delivery Ground as an Air Driver (Full-Time Pay Progression Concern)

    Hey Guys, I have been an Air Driver for the past 2.5y and have just finished my 30 qualification for the 22.4 position. Senior drivers have told me to keep track of the days I had delivered Ground packages as an Air Driver, as each day counts as a whole week of pay progression for whenever I...
  4. M

    Do I have action at winning my Grievance? (22.4 DQ)

    here it goes.......... okay so I finished Intergrad via zoom for 3 days and I was told I would have a chance to drive days 4 and 5 and get to use the diad. I even had to fill out a questionnaire asking if I got to drive etc. which I didn't. I rode with someone the 5th day and he wouldn't really...
  5. I

    I’m a 22 year old 22.4 driver and I feel like quitting. Need advice

    Hello, I’m 22 years old and have been a 22.4 driver for close to a year now and looking for advice from fellow UPSers I started working at UPS when I was 18 and was a loader until I turned 21 and became a 22.4 driver. After the grueling 30 day probation and a couple months of driving I thought...
  6. M

    22.4 to RCPD in Balt, MD Vero Road Hub

    Hi all! I’m a recent “seasonal hire”, though on my profile on Workday I’m down as permanent. I have a few questions, one of which is: even if I’m not immediately told by a supervisor or other higher up, can I be moved to permanent? When I went in for orientation in early October I was told by...
  7. L

    22.4 Hub or Center?

    I’m a 22.4 driver working at a Hub. I was wondering am I still Hub or am I Center now? I’m asking because I want to work more hours and management is restricting them. They want us working 6 days a week and not run out of hours. Union says I can only work the shift I came from, Twilight. I...
  8. Addy1395

    22.4 Question, Vets come help please and thank you

    Okay so I've been driving for UPS for about a year like most of our 22.4s, and believe me we got trained pretty damn well but lets say a house has 3 pieces, do we scan all at once then dr (taught this) or scan each piece and dr them individually? I did this yesterday out of curiosity and noticed...
  9. M

    TAW docs restrictions

    I was injured on the job mostly due to fatigue and handling so much of the weight as is the case for most 22.4 drivers. (9-5 list doesn't protect us so we need up getting these cherry picked bull:censored: routes) The question I have is if a doctors orders explicitly state no driving commerciall...
  10. B

    Amazon in area

    There’s a new Amazon in my area & I was wondering if it will effect the drivers at the bottom of the seniority list. I am a 22 4 driver , will I still be working everyday even after the Amazon building is built ?
  11. myreqoil

    Forcing 22.4's to work Mondays?

    Im a 22.4 and work tues-sat, almost every monday our on road sups call a large selection of us asking us to come in on Monday's to work. So far they haven't told us we HAVE TO REPORT or send us a message on saturdays that we are scheduled to report for work on Monday...but i know in the past...
  12. myreqoil

    22.4 red circled???

    im not too well versed on the current contract and my stewards aren't very helpful so im looking for some clarity here....i was a part timer for 3 years and won the bid for what i was told by hr as a 22.4 position...long story short i made my 30 days and ive been driving for 4+ months now and my...
  13. 1

    22.4 bumping/seniority

    Can a 22.4 bump a lower seniority 22.4 off his route for the day? Saturday’s and Monday’s at my center are random I’m wondering if I can bump lower 22.4’s off a route I want?
  14. W

    Any Chantilly VA members on here?

    I was just hired as 22.4 /FT combination and I’m seeing this stuff about layoffs for 22.4 drivers I’m just really trying to find out if this is a REAL full time job and can expect 40 hours a week? The hiring process was really quick the job seems unreal
  15. Red Devil

    24.7 Driver

    I recently made it in as a 22.4 from the building. One of the other new guys, a casual, asked me if I had gotten one of the “24/7 Driver” jobs. I thought that considering the lack of 9.5 protection that is actually a good name for it.
  16. Red Devil

    Going Blind As A New Driver

    I just made my 30 as a TCD from inside the building. Supposedly I am going to be a 22.4 when the free period ends, but that is a thread for the union issues board I think. My question is, how would veterans recommend a new guy attack a completely unknown area? I have been trained on gps and...
  17. 2

    PVD Driver

    I was hired as a PVD in May and went through the orientation in late May. After orientation they made the comment about getting us started as early as the next day. The job was described as a seasonal position that would be needed through August. Then I was never utilized as a driver. I...
  18. H

    Headed to Intergrad

    Hello, Heading to Intergrad for drivers school. I've been with UPS as a package handler for 2 years but I'm only the second person in my building to be sent to Intergrad. I've read some posts on here about it but most seem to be several years old so I figured I'd start a new one. I know it's a...
  19. Almightyzvy

    Hired as 22.4 Driver off street

    hey guys new to brown.. hired off the street as 22.4 combo driver at the hub on 180 Canal Pl in the Bronx. Going for my road test on Saturday, any tips would be helpful. manager said once i pass road test ill do dot physical right after and then start by next week. im sure i can pass road test...
  20. F

    Integrad Franklin park, Illinois ( chicago ) stick shift?

    Hi, anyone that has been to the Integrad driver training facility near chicago recently, do you know if they use manual trucks? My hub does not use or test on them anymore but it is still a qualification for 22.4, so i am assuming Integrad will have a stick shift. Thank you in advance for info...