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    Got a text from management last Friday telling me to come in Monday to start driving for temp season. Mind you, all they said was "report to work Monday at 840". Not even a heads up so I could let my day job know something in advance or just for common courtesy... Whatever, I was just glad to be going driving. After a normal 45 minute drive to get to work, sup walks up to me and says we don't have any work for you and you can go home. This is ridiculous. Anything I can do to demand work for driving an hour and a half round trip? They pulled this last year on me when I started in October, but being I'm not a rookie anymore I thought I would have at least been driving on the first day.. Any help?
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    They should have told you when you where hired that your not guaranteed any hours your are basically hired with the status of on call.

    They told you to show up based on the package volume forecast and probability of drivers booking off for today. There wasn't enough volume or enough book offs for you to work today. All Union drivers have the right to work before you. Tomorrow might be different...
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    This is the exact reason I would never do seasonal.
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    They gave me a whole 2 days notice to go out of town for driver training. My day-job boss was not happy and I almost lost the job.

    Inconsiderate Amateurs....

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  5. UPSGUY72

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    Nobody forced you to apply for a TEMP job at UPS if you don't like it go work some where else. If you hanging around hoping that it leads to permanent FT driver job be ready to wait years.
  6. Thatguy123

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    I'm up next for FT at ups and been there for 6 years. I'm not someone pulled off the street
  7. BigBeef42

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    Yes Im well aware...

    Please chill out.
  8. BigBeef42

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    Keep taking the hits cuz management will keep giving them out. Remember its survival of the fittest. Stay happy and don't let them get to you.

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  9. UPSGUY72

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    Your a temp there is no seniority list for TEMPS to get hired on as a FT driver if someone told you that your next take that with a grain of salt because it might or might not happen. There is a 6 to 1 inside to out side hire ration and the one outside spot could go to a PT SUP, another Temp besides you, or just someone else off the street.

    Just because you have been a Temp for 6 years doesn't really mean you have a better chance of getting hired on FT than a Temp that been there less. For temps they want production, people that show up, don't bitch and don't get hurt.
  10. UPSGUY72

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    Chill out you called them "Inconsiderate Amateurs.."

    That's how the being a Temp works they call you at a moments notice to work. Sometimes they might even call you at early in the morning to work the same day.
  11. BigBeef42

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    I was referring to management, not the OP.
  12. AGKLM

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    Just my two cents....

    To me, it didn't read like he's been a temp for 6 years. It read like he has been a part time inside employee for 6 years and has been working as a reg temp driver since October.

    Reg Temps work "as needed" Jun-first 2 full weeks of Jan. Reg Temp drivers in my area are guaranteed 8 hours of work if they are told to report to work. Check your supplement at the Teamsters website. You have to say, "I want to work today", you could ask drivers if they want to go home and take a route blind, you could help with air or shuttle work. Or, you could call the center in the a.m. to verify whether or not you are working.

    Reg Temps can be laid off until further notice, at which point they would work their part time shift. They may only drive a day or week here and there or just peak during the entire temp season. They may drive almost everyday the entire temp season.

    A reg temp working consistently, along with a part time shift and possibly running airs during the week or on Saturday can make a decent yearly wage along with helping you get a good feel for the job before committing to F/T.