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    I don't work for UPS, but my husband started driving for them a little over a month ago. Right now he's considered a 'full-time/seasonal' employee, he works second shift hours, pays into the union, but because he's not a permanent employee, doesn't actually get any benefits or 'belong' to the union.

    He's got his CDL and is driving one of the 'big rigs' (not sure what they are called???).

    Anyway, people (employees there at UPS) keep telling him he'll have NO problem getting hired on permanent in January because there will be so many openings, etc.

    I'm wondering if this sounds/seems right?

    Also, the weird hours from week to week are killing him. Sometimes he's starting at 2:00pm, tonight it was 7:00pm, etc., etc., how long realistically do you need to be there before you will really get a schedule that you want? I understand it goes by seniority, and he's not expecting/wanting the perfect schedule, but he's wondering if he'd have to be there 10+ years or more before even getting any choice?

    I appreciate any info, thanks much!!!!

    Oh, sorry, not sure if it matter, but he works in MN.

    Thanks!!! :biggrin:
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    Seasonal drivers do accrue benefits. Seasonal drivers also accrue pension credits as well. So I wouldn't say he's getting "nothing" for paying his dues.
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    I wonder if it's because he's considered seasonal/temporary then, because I know he can not get any benefits - medical, dental, etc., right now - or as long as he is in this status of seasonal/temporary. He doesn't mind paying the union dues, they aren't a lot. But we are just both wondering how likely it really is that he'll get hired on permanent and then if/when he does, how long do you have to be there before you are able to have a little selection with the routes?

    Thanks again!
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    It sounds like he may be being lied to, but it is not impossible for him to be hired permanently. It is common for the Chicago area, and a few limited areas with booming populations to hire extra feeders off the street, but in an area like MN most of the new positions will be filled by people working other positions at UPS. If he is being told by union employees that he has a good shot at being hired immediately, then it may very well be true.

    This is a crazy time of year, which is why he is getting unusual hours. If he is hired permanently, he will probably get a consistant third shift schedule within a year or two. If he is looking for a "normal" first shift schedule, it takes many years of seniority to get one.

    Please note, I am not a driver, and I may not be 100% accurate. I was just replying since noone else has.
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    Thanks for the reply, I appreciate any info!!!

    And yeah, he knew/figured it would be a good decade or more for a day shift of any kind, most of the trains he gets loads from or takes loads to (can't remember now??) are all at night. But he was hoping it wouldn't be FOREVER, if he got hired on permanent, that he could at least get a semi "normal" shift that was the same every week, etc, and where he might have SOME choice in the shift - staring at 7:00pm or starting at 2:00pm, etc.?

    I apprecaite your reply!!!!
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    Your talking to a driver who came through the seasonal route to being a full-time driver. Though package but for this it's the same.

    If he accrues enough hours, he gets benefits for that quarter. Have him call the Business Agent for his Union Local, UPS has nothing to do with almost all of our benefits.
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    Brown,,,Are you saying that your Union, and not UPS, pays for almost all of your benefits? Which benefits does your Union pay and which benefits does UPS pay? In every other Local that I'm aware of UPS pays for ALL your benefits.
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    I'm saying that after UPS contributes X amount of dollars per hour to THE UNION they have washed their hands of our benefits.

    They are Union-administered health care benefits and any questions to UPS on them and you will be told to contact the Union or the plan. UPS has nothing to do with it.