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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by diadlover, Oct 11, 2007.

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    Thanks for posting that link, DL, you beat me to it. Now I just have to try to figure it out, especially concerning the Pension part. My Local hasn't set a date for our meeting yet, but they will. At a quick glance, some of it looks good, a few parts I'm not so sure about.............
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    The new language is underlined in bold, and the removed language has a line thru it. Looks like alot of what was posted is true. There has been some improvements,sups working penalty, stronger 9.5 penalty pay, etc but it has s good share of concessions in it.
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    Just quickly skimmed the changes and didn't see anything that jumped out at me in a negative way. Will study it closer tomorrow. Have to hit the hay. 3:45 comes early.
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    I know our contracts are different, but is there only 45 articles in your contract?
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    I didn't see anything stating wether or not our pension money in cs did

    come with us or not. If so please clarify. Anything on the rules after retirement if you can work or not? How about the insurance, does it cost 500 to a 1000$ when you retire or not. If anyone knows the answer to these questions please let me know.
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    Badpas, it is a little confusing on the meaning of their wording. Start on page 37 on the link and read through 38. It explains years of service and what you have coming minus any reduction in the cs payout due to law changes? I thought that is why everyone involved with cs wanted out? It also states that health and welfare would be ups plan. I hope this helps, i will have a better break down of the codeing this weekend.
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    For some strange reason I cannot download. Could it be dial up?
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    I don't particularly like that our raises will come in 2 parts rather than getting in one sum on August 1st as it does now. Half your raise on August 1st and the other half February 1st. This gives the company more of an opportunity to make money on what is potentially your money, in interest.

    I'm wondering on a clarification on the Pension fund section. Is this only pertaining to CS members? This is in the Jointly Trusteed UPS/IBT Full Time Pension Fund section.
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    Thanks DL,
    Wondering where you been.
    New costume coming this Halloween?
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    Diad, For me 26 yrs. and 48 years no incentive to get out have to go 4 more years. I was hoping for early buyouts no such luck. With new contract at least there is 30 and out any year. I also hope they took out where teamsters have to approve where you work. So So contract.
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    No new combo jobs, and combo jobs could be eliminated if ups takes work off of the rails and create new feeder jobs, also weaker sub-contracting language which you never like to see, and act of god language for sups working.
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    you need adobe acrobat...its free to download
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    I have that, it works fine for everything else.
    If it takes that long, I think read long read wrong. Ill just go to the meeting.
    On a side note, just to keep up my reputation as a bigot, if its true about the ptimers taking 18 months to insure their family, why did I get a letter telling me how UPS now will cover healthcare for civil union partners?????or am I the only one who got that letter. I cant find it, so maybe I am....seems strange that we would suddenly insure that but not traditional families?
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    I got the same letter also Tooner- wonder who started the rumor that I was gay?
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    must be the flaming weenie,upsgrunt :lol:
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    Its a rumor?:ohmy:
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    Yea, just a rumor; But I am willing to learn!- Especially if the insurance is better. Please don't tell my wife and 4 kids:laugh:
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    It's 1.52MB. may take a while with dial up.
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    Did I read it right on the 9.5? triple pay?:ohmy: