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Are you serious ? Maybe in the "old UPS days" before teleamatics you might be able to get by with that . Not today ! Don't you know they can pull up info on every where you've been. She must be one "Bad Mamma Jammer " for you to take all these chances . Stop this foolishness and see this Woman before or after work before you lose your job.


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You're that terrible in bed that she will lose all hope in men! I'm so sorry for you. ;)
I appreciate the sympathy but I've come to fully embrace that my role in life is creating lesbians, like a public service. I'm hoping to get funding from some LGBTQ support groups and make a new career of it! :proud:

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OP knows when he goes to visit her it is going to rain.
Sure hope he wears a rain coat, otherwise there could be a surprise in 9 months!

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About once to twice a week during my route I stop by a friends house to hang out for about 15 to 20 minutes. She's not on my route but lives close to my route. I have been doing this for a couple of months now do you think If management found out there will be any discipline action.
Is there anything and policy against this that might lead up to discipline action or term nation
Just punch out for a break while you’re there. Problem solved. I live about ten blocks from my hub and when I’m driving back to the building I take my breaks at home

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I'm not sure if there's time is a trackers on the truck where there be able to tell how long I was there and if I was off route or not. I'm not really sure what to do at this point
You should get with STEWERT and ask him if there are any TRACKERS on the TRUCK!!!


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You’re making yourself a card in their hand they can use this to fire you if they don’t like you. You’re allowed to exit and and enter your route for a one additional mile only. Ask your supervisor just before PCM (witnesses) and see what is his response. Excellent advice earlier said if you wouldn’t do it if supervisor with than don’t do it.


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This has got to be a troll post to be this stupid. Taking a break and not recording it is stealing time. Geotab tracking unit is under the dash and the DIAD also shows them when and where you are. Using company vehicle and fuel for "personal visits". When we first went on ORION the trainer told the story about how a driver was fired for driving off area to eat lunch with his elderly parents everyday. He was first verbally warned and kept doing it. He was then given warning letters and still kept doing it. Finally fired for integrity, its considered stealing from the company. Some things you find time to do off the clock if you like a paycheck with a comma in it.


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Seems like I heard a story once about a driver doing something similar to this and one day the woman and he got into a big argument and it resulted in her calling the police and saying she got raped by the UPS driver. I don't know the final outcome. On break or not it's a serious legal liability for the company.

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You bet your ass there's trackers. What you do is stop doing it and deal with it if something comes up regarding your past actions.
Oh.. I just assumed that no one old enough to operate a vehicle and have a job would be this stupid, and thought he was going for a joke?