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  1. Whaler31

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    So I roll back into the center nearly fully loaded after another grinder day in the "30 foot U-Haul Beast" and I am flagged over by the center manager. I say "hi!" He then proceeds to fire me on the spot for.....get this "sexual harrassment"....oy vey! huh? wha?

    I have been working my butt off for the man...and have absolutely no clue as to the basis of my termination. (what'd I do???) :confused:1

    He said I used the word "boobs" in front of a female at some point in my short career, of which I have no recollection of whatsover.

    I DO know I respect all my co-workers, male or female, and I am not stupid enough to get caught up in that kind of b.s. talk.

    Truth be told, I have rode with and worked with some trucker-mouthed female UPSers, though.

    Do I have any recourse at all? Or am I toast for something that I didn't even do?

    What a major bummer, I was really enjoying driving for the UPS team, too :blushing:
  2. Keepingthemhonest

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    talk to your union steward asap and contact the biz agent...you'll get a hearing where you can see what their arguements are and pick them apart, hopefully get your job back...it happens more often than you think sadly.
  3. dragracer66

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    Dude as a steward I'd say it's safe to say you are going to get your job back. The last time I checked "boobs" is not sexual harrassment. But file a grievence and contact your B.A soon as possible. Let us all know how you made out. Also on that grievence state that not only do you want your job back you want to be made whole for all lost wage's!!!:thumbup1:
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    listen to dragracer66 "boobs"isn't sexual harassment.that is what most management personel are boobs.if you are a temp you might have problems if your on the list you should smile take the day off no rep they violated your rights.when you call rep tell him they violated your weingarten rights.you should be good.
  5. B.S.

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    Don't you need a union rep present before they can fire you???
  6. trickpony1

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    Were these comments made directly at/towards the female or did she just happen to walk by and overhear the comment?
    I think you should/do have the right to face your accuser but I would do so in a highly monitored environment with others (steward/BA) present.
    "....fire me on the spot....", does that mean you were denied union representation? Serious mistake.
    I would take the other posters suggestion and file immediately. Be careful what you say in your grievance, it is a legal document. Your steward/BA can help you with filing.

    Oh, and by the way, Merry Christmas.
    What can Brown do for you?
  7. Cezanne

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    Had a incident several years ago, a package division manager say something about a female union employee, she heard it filed a complaint and all he got was a transfer to a similar position in another building. Being politically correct in the workforce means keeping your mouth shut and consider your enviornment, things said long ago harmlessly now are considered grounds for termination. There is a double standard, and the company can pick and choose if they wish to pursue discipline.
  8. hoser

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    Knowing your audience is simply wise. It has little to do with double standards or political correctness.
  9. trickpony1

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    Apparently I'm not simply wise. What does it have to do with?
    A manager is transfered to another building yet an hourly is "summarily executed" for the same thing?
    I'm just a dumb truck driver, you'll have to draw a picture for me.
  10. dillweed

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    I can't see this termination flying. No union rep present is one thing. Another is the "harassment" issue. For it to be harassment the woman would have needed to tell you she didn't appreciate the comment or language used. How the heck are you to know what's going to offend? If she told you she didn't like it and you continued, it would be harassment. And it would have to be witnessed by others. This sounds like BS to me and I'd fight it tooth and nail. Best of luck! dw
  11. trickpony1

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    I agree with Dillweed.
    This is one of those, "he said, she said" situations that doesn't require a shred of evidence.
    It's another glaring example of the psych ops the company uses to keep everyone on their toes and scared. It's an effective means of control of the people.
    I hope the OP goes for all backpay, benefits etc.
    Stand your ground!!!!
  12. aspenleaf

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    At my previous job we were all told that it was not intention (of the person speaking) but perception of the person offended. You do not have to be talking to them; they can over hear you and take offense and turn you in for harassment. Unless some is being extremely vulgar and talking to me I don’t care what is said. You have to know there are people out there that do keep track of what is said and they will take their notes to HR when they feel the need and turn you in. Be careful of who is around you when talking. You could have said chicken breasts and that was heard was breasts. I think it is very extreme to get offend over anatomy. Good luck to you.
  13. hoser

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    The flaw in the analogy is that you don't know the exact circumstance of each case. In blue collar environments, rumors tend to thrive more than facts.

    Regardless, all my comment said was that "you should know your audience" not "blame PC or double standards" for when you get in crap for offending someone. Know the person you're saying a racist or sexist joke to, don't blame them after the fact for your actions and flawed judgement. Christ.

    I think a bit more common sense is excercised than you're willing to give credit to. There's a thing called context.

    Know...your...audience. Including the fact that your audience may be bypassers.
  14. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Tell them you didn`t use the word "boobs in reference to breasts but rather in reference to the ctrs mgmt team as in "they are a bunch of boobs". You`ll be back in no time.

    Seriously it is only sexual harasment if you used it toward someone. If you merely said it in conversation than it may be considered offensive but that is a completly different disiplinary action. Get a steward,if it`s the offensive side all you`ll have to do is point out the wide use of colorful language in the ctr and your clear.
  15. over9five

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    I find it strange that you could be fired for anything right now. In the middle of peak....
    Especially on such a flimsy charge...

    As I've said before....... There must be more to the story!
  16. satellitedriver

    satellitedriver Moderator

    The defense of yourself sounds Bogus. I think there is more to this than you let on.
    If you respect all you co-workers? Why would you call some of them trucker-mouth female UPSers?
    You've worked your butt off for the man? My question to you is how long have you driven for "The Man".
    Major Bummer Dude.
    If you didn't do it, then it means you ticked someone off doing something else.
    I have none of the facts of your case, but your use of verbage is telling.
  17. trickpony1

    trickpony1 Well-Known Member

    "....but your use of verbage is telling."

    I wonder if his "verbage" includes terms such as "prejudiced" and "circumstantial" like yours.

    He obviously hasn't been a criminal profiler as long as you.
  18. toonertoo

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    I think the harrassment thing has just gone too far.
    I guess if I was surrounded by 6 quarterbacks from, ............hell I dont know football, but you get the meaning, I might be feeling harrassed.
    Boobs, not a big deal, if you work with men you hear it. I would rather hear men talk about my boobs than women...........
    If a guy works in a female field, such as nursing, how much does he have to hear about "cycles" and stuff before he is offended?
    Unless someone is fearful of losing a job, or being assaulted, the sexual thing should be a thing of the past, especially if working in a male dominated job.
    If you cant handle it, go back to the kitchen. Let men be men, let girls be girls and stop the crap of "i was in an area and I heard" Its so very infantile.
  19. Dutch Dawg

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    How short was your career?

    I guess I'm wondering if you are/were a peak hire?
  20. wornoutupser

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    Oh Please!

    There is a building near me that just had a driver fired for stealing.....the water and soap he used to wash his car off ! That was two days ago.

    They fire us for ANYTHING in this division!