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    With his nose in the corner. Well I tried to post to the toast thread, but it seems that I am not allowed to post on the site now, musta got kicked off.

    I thought you might get a kick out of this read...

    Man arrested for stealing company property.a piece of toast?

    AP 2005

    An Atlanta man was arrested and jailed Saturday night after an extensive investigation involving a piece of toast that was stolen from the corporate offices of United Parcel Service here in Atlanta. The 23 year old unidentified male was arrested after he placed the company property up for sale on E-bay as his own property. The bids had reached several thousand dollars and caught the attention of the companys internal security, which watches auctions for sales of company uniforms and other stolen property.

    While UPS has not issued a statement at this time, a company spokesperson, speaking on the condition of anonymity, told reporters that while this seems to be a trivial matter, the company deals with any theft of company property promptly and will prosecute this case in to the fullest extent of the law. And since the bidding had gone so high, the charges are now in the range of a class three felony.

    The man allegedly worked for UPS in the food service division for the delivery service giant, and was serving breakfast to the board of directors. While the company is not forthcoming with details, we have learned from internal sources that the toast, with the distinctive brown delivery vehicle likeness toasted into the side, was stolen off one of the plates after the diner.

    Bail was set for the man at $15,000 and he remained in custody Saturday night.

    And now we know the REST OF the story!

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    You are more likely just paranoid as the site was having technical issues.

    I wonder how this will affect my cabbage and rutabaga bid? [​IMG]
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    Although I understand the specific point of UPS' position, if a juror at the trial of this person I would have to wonder who is more foolish!

    Have you been stealing from Eskew's garden again?


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    I'll never sell, errr, tell! [​IMG]
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    Check it out, there is a copy cat entrepreneur with a sense of humor and a better toasted truck: http://tinyurl.com/8gb8h and he/she also started one of a USPS truck that is doing better: http://tinyurl.com/7nqoc

    Man, free enterprise and morons, it doesn't get any better than this.

    Anyway, back to the garden. . .
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    How many of us walk out the gate with a brown pen in our pocket every day?
    OOPS! I shouldn't have mentioned this...now there will be wholesale "terminations".
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    You would have to pay UPS a royalty check for the use of the brown truck. Usually the charge would be in the 6 figures, but they might cut you some slack since you are an employee.

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    Im going to go out on a limb here. He might could be in trouble for selling it, but its not stealing. When the dinner was over, the toast was headed for the trash, which is public domain. Trash is up for dibs by anyone.
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    It is trash only if it made it into the trash can and out into the dumpster. Until then, it is inside company property and is still considered as such.

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    Said toast was in said UPS trashcan intending to be brought forth to public easment for the sole purpose of being aquired by said sanitation engineer.[​IMG]along with the fish from next door.
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    Promotional Toast... who would've thought they sure can think of dumb ways to waste money.
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    Uh, actually all excess toast is supposed to be shredded before being put into the trash...
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    So they had too much toast.

    Darn IE! [​IMG]
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    IEs toast BOHR (Bread Output per Human Ratfink) was 22.3 slices per Director. As usual, IE was just a little off...
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    I believe starting last fall the total amount of toast at each meeting of The Board was reduced by a total of 5.8 slices.
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    They also trimmed the thickness down to 3.8 mm from 5.6 mm in hopes to fund thier annual IE ball.
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    No, actually, I think it had something to do with diad time savings or some such.
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    IF you read your contract book like you did the story, you will stay in trouble. The story says he took it off the plate. IT was never in the trash.

    But then of course, what the heck.

    Lets get down to the brass tacks here. With so many higher up management that posts here, there is no post by them on this story? I find that somewhat interesting. After all, I figure there would be some inside scoop that one of the brothers in the tie would tell. I find it it it, well for once I cant find the right words. MAybe Morluck will chime in. Suspiciously quiet it is, wonder why????????

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    Guys, if you take everything I say on here as a serious thought, well...., you go right ahead. LOL