Texas Christmas day slaughter was Islamic Honor Killing

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Lue C Fur, Dec 30, 2011.

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    C'mon now. You know full well that is a peace loving religion. It was the devil gun that corrupted their innocent minds and MADE them do those terrible deeds. The knives in the house didn't have any blood on them, did they?

    You're just trying to spread the gun owner mentality on BC.

    Now give me a banana.
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    cashsux is probably right, no peace loving muslim man would dress up as a Santa Claus. The total concept would be foreign to his beliefs.
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    I'm not going to say that I disagree with that speculation, but don't feel what was used ofr the conclusion is hard fast evidence.
    From the article:
    When my daughters were in their mid teens, I could have been accused of being obsessive over who and when they dated and how much time they spent together other than on official dates. In fact I was very interested in who their friends were. I never told them they could only date people from our brand of religion or race, but I did point out the drawbacks to doing so. I also cautioned them to never date a kid that they were not willing to be " in love with" and possibly spend the rest of their lives with. I encouraged them to really get to know someone before ever spending any time alone with anyone. Some of their friends may have thought I was obsessed, maybe I was but thought of it as being protective.
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    I'm a touch on the obsessive side too but the person I threaten with the gun is usually the boyfriend.
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    I did run more than one off. Even made a solemn vow to my son-in-law about 30 minutes before the wedding ceremony. He remembers it to this day and it's been 22 years and four grandkids.
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    I remember the day when what's his name asked my permission to marry my daughter. His most prized possession to that point was his motorcycle. I told him that he should treat my daughter with the same TLC with which he treated his motorcycle. Ironically he has since sold the motorcycle but continues to give my daughter the love and respect that she deserves.

    No grandkids yet.:dissapointed:
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    Hope he doesn't try to sell your daughter..lol....jk.

    I was a little more clear on my attentions, but that's just the way I roll. :)
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    I'm not sure this is a true honor killing as horrific and tragic as it was. I googled the name Aziz Yazdanpanah and found several news stories but this one with the UK Mail Online seemed the most in depth. Nor could I find any law enforcement official calling this horrible crime an honor killing which with the assailant taking his own life, this is just another murder suicide we sadly see from time to time. The pics with the story also tells a story in itself about this family and fundamentalist islam just doesn't jump off the page.

    If one calls this an honor killing, then to be consistent you'd have to call this an honor killing and I doubt in 1878' Americus Georgia you'd find many muslims. And if one would google "husband kills wife kids family" or other various combinations you'd find tons of these tragic incidents and the vast majority of them are among non muslim folk.

    But then if you google Jihad Watch and then drill down you'd find one David Horowitz and Robert Spencer who oddly enough have interesting backgrounds themselves but both have vested interests in a bias opinion. Going further into Jihad Watch, the money comes from 2 main sources, one is the Bradley Foundation which oddly enough was a principle funder of the Project for a New American Century (not exactly a dis-interested party to a certain narrative) and the other is Joyce Chernick who along with her husband Aubrey were the major funding source for what is Pajamas Media. Again, not a dis-interested party in a certain narrative for political reasons.

    It took all of 5 minutes just to uncover this and what would I learn if I took 30 minutes or more? Follow the money, follow the money, follow the money and question the vested interests involved.

    Sorry Jihad Watch, no honor killing here, move along, move along!