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    I know that we all tend to "bash" UPS...

    But, I want to thank UPS. UPS employed me for the past 24 years. I have worked with some great people and worked with some that were not so great. In all, I am thankful for everything I was able to do in life because of having a steady, good paying job. UPS never gave me a hard time when I needed to take time off when my children were small and always in the doctors office or home sick.

    I have met some wonderful people over the years that I am very thankful for. My coworkers are my extended family.

    So in all, THANK YOU UPS!
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    I agree with you that a steady job gave me piece of mind all the time I was employed untill my retirement. However time off or early days did not always work out so well for me.Glad they worked with you as you have heard I'm sure over the years from co-workers of their struggles with these issues. Yes I owe everything I have to UPS, then again we EARNED it!!!!!!
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    OK UPSERNOJ, you have gone too far. You need to be banned from this site immediately for trying to be positive about UPS. What in the world has got into you? Do you realize what you have brought on yourself?:wink2:

    Actually you bring up a lot of of good points. Most people come on here to gripe about stuff, I'm guilty of that too. I consider this place like a type of therapy, I can converse with other people that know what I go through at work. I have always been able to provide everything I need for my family. I too am grateful for what I have, I see a lot of people with a lot less. Its kind of a philosophy of mine to look on the bright side of things, anything else is just self-destructive. I actually look forward to getting up and going to work, I enjoy my job for the most part.
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    What he said.
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    It's posts like that make me proud to be a UPSer and to know that other folks aren't so negative about UPS all the time. Thanks for letting me "vent".

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    Good thread

    Most do spend more time and energy griping about work (myself included). People tend to have more passion when they need to get something off their chest. I hope like most that once they post their thoughts, they leave work for the next day and learn to relax and keep positive.

    It's funny how working here gives you the career that most go to college for. It's not the easiest path but you can't beat breathing fresh air under blue skies. My entrance to the brown machine was accidental and has paved my life forever. I only wish success for the company, but not at our expense.
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    Noj...North Jersey?? I started in Bound Brook then went to Meadowlands then my final stop was Edison...Was North Jersey combined with Central???
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    Thank you for this positive post. As the wife of a UPSer, there have been times I would have killed a supervisor or manager if I could have gotten my hands on them. :happy2: More than one time of frustration when they would send DH back out - or any number of other things .....

    HOWEVER - that being said..... - many times it has been a source of pride to say that my husband worked for UPS. It is a well-respected company. We have been blessed! Medical benefits beyond compare in our fair state, income to provide a very comfortable lifestyle AND

    in just a few short weeks.......... a pension we can live on after retirement!


    Yes, I know DH worked hard for over 35 years - and he has earned it but THANK YOU, UPS!
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    Thank the Teamsters while your at it:peaceful:
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    I thank the company for the check on Friday and for giving me a reason to go to a meeting every week and intruduce myself. Hello, my name is Brownmonster, and I'm an.........
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  12. The Milkman

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    Retirement. What a wonderful word..many people don't get half the pension we do. I was lucky and was paroled after a little over 25. I know many that started right after High School and are to young to hang it up. 20 and out should be the norm as then you should still be in fairly good physical shape. Good Luck and Enjoy your time..
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    I thank God for letting me make thru 25 yrs and getting the heck out:happy2:
  14. Monkey Butt

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    LOL ... good point.
    I have asked God to help through some tuff times at UPS too.
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    It's all Metro Jersey now. Feeders has 3 drivers lists, Parsippany which covers Parsippany, Saddle Brook, Bound Brook, Mt Olive, Chester, Spring Valley, and New Windsor. Meadowlands, which covers Secaucus, Gould Ave, and Newark Airport. Then there's Edison, which covers Edison, Staten Island, Trenton, Tinton Falls, and Lakewood, I think there may also be a building near Atlantic City.
    Although with the consolidation, some of the buildings are part of Phila, and Albany. I'm not exactly sure of which.
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    9/04/84 Im right behind you, good Lord willing. Then I can say how good it was too, Now not so much:greedy:
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    I love working for UPS. I deliver to the area I grew up in. I can't remember the last time I delivered to someone that I didn't know.

    I have a degree in Business Administration and played college football. I am 44 years old and have been at UPS since I was 20. I still weigh what I did then and I love the physical part of this job. My brother went into engineering at Caterpillar and has me by 80 pounds now.
  18. The Milkman

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    Things have really changed over the years... Years ago they closed The Kenilworth Bldg.I wonder if any others down the road will meet that fate??
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    We all love our jobs. I've delivered in the same area for 30 years. I love my customers, and to them, I am UPS. I believe that I am the rule and not the exception in this respect. Obviously, the pay and benefits are the best in the business. But, what makes us love the job is what happens when we leave the building and leave the managers behind. When I put that package car up on the Interstate every morning, heading out from the building, it's really a great feeling. It is because we love the job and the company so much (after all, once we leave the building, we are the company) that we do what we do. And, if there is any more need for proof of our loyalty, we do it in spite of the enormous work load, the adverse conditions, the harrassment, and the pain of wearing our bodies out. That is true love.
  20. The Milkman

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    30 years..Time to Retire.. I felt the same way when I left the bldg. But now they tell you how to run the route so as far as making service and flexing your route day to day I would find it hard to change my routine that I had for years. Retired now so it's a thing of the past. Everything slowly changes on your route,your center team,your customers come and go and we all grow old together on the Big Brown Ship.Time to disembark and enjoy life....