Thanks to the troops & veterans!



Just wanted to thank any one on this board that has served or is serving in the military! Without you guys I wouldn't able to live in this wonderful nation. Have a good 4th of July!




Thank you brown1.
Hope you all find time tomorrow to look towards Iraq and salute our fine men and women serving our country in this troublesome time.


It is because of all veterans and those serving that we have this day to enjoy, I hope they are all getting something special for their sacrifice. Thank you military men and women. God be with you all.


My son is in the airforce. He often tells me about the "random thank-you's" he gets from people. People that walk up to him, and say "thank-you for what you do".
Today he told me he was in the grocery store picking up a few items, and he was chatting with a gentleman while they waited in the checkout line. The mans daughter was stationed in Iraq. My son called to tell me that the man paid for his items. He said to me, "Who does that? Who pays for someone else's groceries?"
I said, well, there are still very nice people around, and with a daughter in the service he knows military personnel are not exactly highly paid.
This was well beyond a "random thank-you", so, whoever you are, thank-you from an appreciative mom.


Our area is home to the USN Atlantic Fleet, we are also home to the USAF Tactical Air Command and home to the US Armys Transportation Corps. Needless to say this is area is very Military. Every time I make a delivery to a known member or spouse of a military person I thank them.


<font color="000000">I am former active duty and now a reservist and I've recieved the random thank you's here and there. You have people like that and then on the other hand you have the vultures that prey on the military such as car dealers (more specifically used car dealers), pawn shops, loan sharks, etc. Since the land around military bases is always worth nothing it is easy for these people to set up shop right next to just about all the bases. Most bases give briefings about this problem to each and every new person that comes in. These sickos really try and use their supposed "gratitude" for their own personal gain. I took a friend of mine car shopping when I was active duty and the salesmen was desperate to get a sale and just couldn't stop with the "thank yous" and based on the final sale price of the car we figured out it was all just an act. I instructed my friend to go elsewhere. For mililtary it's better to go car shopping as far away from the base as you can get. We can usually tell who really means it and who is full of BS. Usually the ones that are full of BS is on the clock. </font>