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    From a local website:

    I wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to the UPS driver who made my 4 year old daughter very happy Christmas morning! At the last minute, she changed her mind about what she wanted Santa to bring, and it had to be ordered from out of town. We were away from home when it was delivered, however the UPS driver who brought it to our house in the pouring down rain on Christmas Eve went out of his/her way to ensure that it was protected from the rain and hidden from her view when they left it at our house. I'm not sure who the driver was, but he/she went above and beyond for us, and it was much appreciated! So thanks again UPS

    Another happy customer!

    Happy New Year!
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    Excellent job, Anon driver!
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    .....but did he exceed the prescribed time allotted for that type of stop?
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    Here are some more comments:

    I bought my little "pirate" a sloop on ebay for $13. The day that it was so icy the UPS man came RUNNING through our yard with the box. I opened the door and yelled, "Slow down!!" because I thought he'd break his neck. He just laughed and kept running.

    My UPS guy gives our dog a biscuit everytime he comes here...told him we just order things so she gets the

    I wish we had your UPS guys...ours knock on the door and leave, don't even give you a chance to get to the door to answer it before they're driving away...boxes are in a plastic bag in rain and snow, but that is all.

    The guys in brown do a good job!

    It is nice to hear something positive like your story. Make the call and let a supervisor know what a nice job the driver did. As someone else said, people are quick to complain. It would be nice iof they were just as quick to say something positive (not directed at you). Again, It is nice to hear a good story like this.
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    this was very nice, thank you for posting and sharing this.
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    No holiday spirit this year?:happy-very:
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    Nope, Trick tried cuddling the card like he used to the turkey. I guess it was not the same?

    Happy new year trick!:wink2:

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    Happy New Year to you, danny, and all the rest of the BC folks!

    OMG!!!!! trick actually said something positive
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    Good job!
    Keep it up.
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    [​IMG] :wink2:
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    what the **** more would you want? maybe well come in for tea next time. people crack me up.
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    Some drivers are people people. They love customer contact.

    Others are not people people. Thats OK. They deliver just fine without ever knowing anything about the people they deliver to, all they really need to do is their job. Thats OK, not all drivers are the same.

    As long as we get the job done, what does it really matter.

    I just happen to be among the ones that enjoyed customer contact. Well most of it anyway.

    Please take it for what it is. Its not that the driver is rude or doesnt care about the customer. Some just dont feel comfortable in taking the time. Just as some customers might not be comfortable if you did take the time.


  14. Bad Gas!

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    UPS management has successfully succeeded(can you say that) in tight time allowances to the point where customer contact at release stops is at a minimum due to the fact that residentials are where the driver catches up on his timed day....

    The drivers best friends are the friendly people on the route that you have time to exchange a few words on a daily basis..
  15. Re-Raise

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    I think this is a good point that sometimes gets overlooked. Some people don't want to have to come to the door and talk to you every time you leave a package.

    I wouldn't want the paper boy to stand at my door while I get out of bed put on clothes and go answer the door. Just leave the paper.

    On the other hand I know there are a few lonely people on my route who look forward to some interaction during the day and I do wait for them to
    answer the door.
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    I'm a big fan of 'ring and run' if for NO other reason..than to avoid the "what is it?" question.
  17. browndevil

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    Yes! DR stands for two things: Don't ring and drop and run:happy2:
  18. StickMonkey

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    Stop, Drop and Roll on to the next one. Best way to put out all the "fires" during peak.