The day in the life of a pre-loader

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    The day in the life of a pre-loader

    To whom it may concern.

    I’ve been working for about 5 months now, and I enjoy it. Its hard work, but I do well and get 0’s and have good speed. And I am not afraid to turn it up, hoisting up Eregs over 100 pounds if asked. Yet, I feel sometimes they do push us a too little hard. I am not scared to say it.

    Dealt with 1000 packages in about 3.45 hours. The shift is supposed to be 5 hours though, right? After cleaning your cage most of the night, knowing you are ahead in the count by the way your car looks, to the forecast of course. Bulk orders in mass within that small car, and a large car with little.

    And you’re afraid of giving us pre-loaders a five hour shift. At our UPS place of business, we go threw what is supposed to be a five hour shift. Yet, we do that amount of work in 3 hours and 45 minutes, this all because of the cost of gas and the economy. Then I start to consider the amount of money in each car.

    I would say, that each car that goes out earns about 10,000$ up to 35,000$ a day. Consider the pay check of a un-loader, sorter, charger and thus pre-loader. Not too much, even with annual raises, one of the things I like about this company. A driver makes about 1000 or 1200 a weak. The supervisees make good money, up the gambit, or chain of command. Thus, cooperate make beautiful money. But does it compare to the amount of each car? Numbers of people into consideration!

    I think one or two cars in this HUB could pay a week’s earnings to all people in the building. I’d say UPS makes money like crazy, no matter what is happening now, yet it is more hype from media then anything.

    Yet, I believe in a hard days work, sometimes they treat us more like slaves then fellow employees. Oh yeah, I’m not afraid to say it folks. Being slammed near the end of a shift, after pulling so much and keeping cages clean all night. It’s is all worth the price of admission, folks.

    As for the safety they push on us. I don’t mind it, the testes or others. What I do mind is what you preach, yet you jam pack cars over and over, creating the loss of egress, this making it all so easy to trip or fall. Preach what you sew, and give us something to work with as well.

    Full cages are really a pain. Not only that, seeing numbers, doing resends and add/cuts. Thus Eregs, helping chargers and other loaders. We work hard for little. Always tested or given negativity. Yet I don’t mind it all, bring it on.

    I know most of you have gone threw this and worse. Understand the high turn over rate of 70% at our HUB. I am willing to go threw this all week, and can’t wait to take on the holiday Christmass. But give us some more, then just more money or thanks. Give us respect too, because you catch more flies with honey then you do vinegar.
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    Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce.....OUR FUTURE!
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    Nice response....what was so wrong with the guy's post? He's just stating his take on the job.
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    What's wrong with it?

    seems like a winding rant full of whines and complaints disguised to be viewed as personal perception. Then demanding respect at the end.

    Sure 5 months into the job, you'll want to know why you aren't respected by management; you'll want to know why you can't get 5 hours work when you do 5 hours of work in 3.5 hours; etc

    After about 5 years though, you'll know why you aren't getting the work, the respect, and the safe environment.

    Because, it's UPS.
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    3 Words Or Less. Ya'Rly!! :happy-very:
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    umm.......did i miss the point? :)
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    I guess I did too.....
  8. drewed

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    ok im glad im not the only one......
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    Now thats what I am talking about. Who needs all those accounting/financial guys with their little calculator thingys figuring up fuel costs, licensing, road use taxes and insurance. When one of those 35,000$ (sic) cars come in, just split up the earnings among the fellers and go home. UPS makes things too complicated.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    I agree with LIB--that, folks, is our future, as scary as it may be.
  11. scratch

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    I bet when I strolled into my Hub with my long hair five months after I started some people said the same thing...........:wink2:
  12. ORLY!?!

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    I was just trying to meet others with the same whine.. I mean a constructive criticism or the correct way to gripe.

    I like all my sups, and they have agreed with me on many subjects. But they keep on with the same tactic of piling in a ton of packages at the last second, stopping the line even. Then before it gets to me they call “last rev”. It’s kind of hard to make the large accumulation of packages look good or stay out of your way if the cages are jammed with lots of stuff.

    I spent a lot of time reading other threads, and feel as if I can relate to most people here. One statement as goes “being they proclaim being professional packers, they do a lot to show that they are not”, which I agree with completely. As if they forgot how to pre-load entirely or never did it all before. Which is also true, some probably never even work an overnight shift before or for long.

    It’s just as the military, as they somewhat claim to simulate. People in positions of leadership that really have no leadership capabilities to begin with. As I heard most go off to classes to lead people, seemingly change when they come back. Or, as I see it, try for the promotion just to get off of the job they are in, because it really does bite.

    I am glad though, that this forum is a mix of people and not the typical internet community. Most forums bind together as one unit, whereas the numbers are around 90% of being of complicacies which each other. Speaking out of the loop or against the grain is sure marked terms of being banned or flamed to death. And for that, I give thanks.

    I believe that stating an opinion in a constructive manner will make me be seen as dangerous. Being told that expressing your thoughts is a bad thing by drivers and other pre-loaders, which I agree with them.

    In reality, just state an opinion and venting a little too. Yet they claim we are in a recession, the numbers in my cars beg to differ.

    Btw, it’s Thursday! One more day the weekend! Another thing about this job I love, two days off in a row! As I recently concocted, the best part of this job is not the benefits or the pay, it’s the two days you get off on the weekends. LOL

    ORLY!?! XD~!~

    ps. ill reply to you others about "being our future". Being that you been with UPS since the very beginning
  13. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    Can't wait.

    BTW, the rumors that I rode one of the first bicycles for the American Messenger Company are false.
  14. sx2700

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    So what? At least he cares now, in 5 years he'll probably be like most everybody else and just not give a **** anymore.
  15. ORLY!?!

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    This is a nation of strong backs and those who control them, in other words bureaucracy. It is the reason this word starts with a B.

    I see the supervisors as officers in the military. They stand aside and supervisor the work, workers and aren’t even allowed to help out. Yet they do at times, as a kind gesture to those who have a lot of work left on the line. Moreover, they could get written up for doing it, which is odd.

    The whole reason you got out of the hard jobs you senior members you, is because you know the requirement it takes to do this job. If you worked for years to get it, more power to you, I’m not knocking you. But we are your future. We someday might be the only ones to take your spot in the future. Did some forget their roots? That they were once like us, young kids building mountains.

    Sometimes, for us pre-loaders, moral is all we have at work. Of course you uppers do things to raise it with sodas on Fridays or free stuff or others. Once in awhile, it happens often in a month. While some months there is nothing. One of the reasons I like to go to work, is because we pre-loaders have to raise or own morals.

    One of the only reasons to go to work, the moral we pre-loaders get from the friends we’ve made on the line. Recently, a few people I know have been dropping notes with silly and funny jokes or sayings. Talk about a delivery right in the UPS hub! Make that the first deliveries of the day, before most wake and work the 9 to 5 shift, the fun to be had in small amounts, to keep us going and gaining culture or a sense of humor.

    This is a message to all: we are your future, because we are the ones who are going to build this country today.
  16. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    You have a very interesting perspective. Maybe you should go into management, honestly. I wonder how long it'll take for you to get a good idea of the big picture in the cog called UPS outside of your preloading.

    Supervisors aren't supposed to "jump in" and start working. We have a contract and no supervisor working clauses for a reason.

    If everyone supervisor jumps in and helps 30 minutes out of a day, that is about let's say 50 hours per shift in a hub that should be going to a new hire or any part-time employee. Yeah, thats hiring 10 or 12 less people! Do you think it's because supervisors geniunely want to work or because they are forced to by managers or are doing so to make numbers or bonuses?

    I have no problem with a sup jumping in and helping break jams or even getting someone caught up for 5 minutes. But you're talking about the "future" here, and if you want to talk about the future, you have to realize that supervisors working ELIMINATES the future of several possible jobs.

    Supervisors sometimes help to keep morale up , on occasion, but generally it is to MAKE THEIR NUMBERS and not get an earful from their higher ups. Plain and simple, most of the time they work for selfish reasons - bonuses, numbers, etc. not because they sympathize with the average package handler.
  17. Diegotron

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    And I guess us package handlers work out of the kindness of our hearts. Bored.
  18. Monkey Butt

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    Okay that's probably not realistic.
    How about, "Was your first turkey UPS gave you in December a live one?" :happy2: That's the joke they say about me (35 yrs in).
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    The last bike messenger job that I know of was eliminated In about 2000 when that kid went driving.