The drive in movie...on of lifes simple pleasures

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    I am lucky enough to live in a town that has one of the less that 400 remaining drive-in movie theaters left in the whole country. My wife and I are big fans of the drive in and try to support it as much as possible.

    Last night we went to the annual post-Labor Day "retro night" at our drive in. Every year on the weekend after Labor day it shows "Grease" and another 70's or early 80's classic family movie, this year it was "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

    Its a neat place to go on a warm summer evening. A local car club had brought a bunch of restored classics hot rods; there were lots of guys with leather jackets and 50's hairstyles, and lots of girls in poodle skirts and saddle shoes. People bring their kids and dogs.

    I fired up my old '76 Chevy 4x4 truck for the evening, and we took the back seat out of our minivan and used it for a couch. I park the truck facing away from the screen and we sit in back on the minivan seat so we can see over the cars in front of us.

    We always support the concession stand. Its worth going in there even if you arent hungry; there are 50's vintage candy machines and movie posters and its like going back in a time machine. The owner of the drive-in buys old movie trailers and memorbilia off of E-bay to display and run during intermission, there are old clips of the dancing hot dogs and actual concession-stand advertisements from the 50's and 60's. If you have ever seen "Grease" and the scene where John Travolts sings at the drive-in with the dancing ice creams in the background, that is exactly what we get to enjoy at our drive in. The only difference is that, instead of the speakers on poles that you attach to your window, the drive-in broadcasts the sound on a low-powered FM radio station so you listen on your car stereo.

    Drive-in theaters are a dying breed, the economics are such that most get sold off because the land is too valuable to sit empty for half the year. The only reason our drive-in survives is because the owner is a fanatic who runs it as a labor of love. There is also an indoor theater on the property that generates enough revenue to allow him to survive in the winter.

    If you have a chance to take your kids to a drive in movie, do it!!
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    I grew up in a town with a drive in. We would go regularly. I think it was tore down when I was high school. There are still 2 drive ins in AZ and both are in the metro Phoenix area. 1 in Glendale and 1 in Scottsdale. I haven't been in years. I would love to go again. :happy2:
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    I love the drive in, and am lucky enough to still have one by me. There are 2 that have shut down in the last few years.

    This thread reminded me that I should probably go again before they close down for the winter!
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    My son went last night.

    There's my car!
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    I wonder if they would let you stay till morning. that gives me an idea for a book. travel around America and visit all 400 of them and write about the people and experiences.
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    The 5 drive ins around my home are now shopping complexes. The closest one is over an hour away.:dissapointed: There used to be one in Connecticut that showed only X Rated movies. I never, ever took a date there!.....Honestly!.....Never!........:devil3:
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    We don't have any left :( But , if we did.... probably many more DWI's !
    I remember always having beer along.
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    I dont see how a drive-in could succeed in a place where there is snow on the ground 9 months out of the year....I guess if you built a big enough bonfire and provided enough alcohol it could work....:happy-very:
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    Some used to have electric heaters around here.
  10. klein

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    Oh, I know, only worked when property was cheap.
    And in high summer, it won't get dark until 11pm.
    That was a pain , was basically an allnighter at the drive ins.

    But, they were still fun.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I remember going to the drive-inn with my gal buying two tickets and trying not to laugh out loud as I knew 4 of my friends were in the trunk.

    Those days are long gone. But the memories were still fresh in my mind as Mom and Dad always stopped by KFC to pick up a bucket before heading to the flicks.
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  13. klein

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    Good report. And , I still miss the A&W drive in burger place... turn on your headlights, and get served.

    Last one here, went out in around 1990.
    Just drive thrus, now.

    Was nice, getting full service, with rootbeer in a glass mug, on a tray.., no paper bags...

    Not to mention, the nice teens in nice orange skirts serving you.