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Interesting article. Bush is described as being an "Insurgent President" because he doesn't play politics like everyone else in Washington D.C.
He doesn't care about what the press thinks. He likes to go to bed at 9:30 instead of going to parties, he gets up at 5:30AM because he has "other things to do".
I think that in the long run, history will show that Bush will be remembered as a good President. He tries to do what he thinks is best, he doesn't depend on polls to base his decisions on. While I don't like the border situation and him spending money like a Democrat, I'm glad that somebody finally stood up to this country being attacked by Muslim extremists. For several decades, for the most part this country has "turned the other cheek". War stinks, good men die. Saddam's on trial, Bin Laden has been hiding in a cave if he is still alive. Libya backed down, I bet a lot of countries that sponsor terrorism have rethought their position because of George Bush. After the 9/11 attack, one of his first responses in that Florida classroom was "Somebody is going to pay for this". I like that.


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Scratch_King....I agree. Sometimes doing the "right thing" takes guts & courage of conviction. I think Bush is a moral man and that he is doing the right thing. JMHO


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I dont remember who said it, but "great leaders always take the arrows in the back from the cowards behind them"