The new contract lurks around the corner

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by The-UK-Guy, May 17, 2007.

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    No kidding. How do you find a specific post from 11 years ago?
  2. Just for the heck of it .
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    I was in 8th grade!
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    did u quit
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    time studies, e regs, overtime, air conditioning or ventilation, relooping, loading, orion, communication, safety, daily shuttles, etc......
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    i voted no
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    A small start...

    Multiple tier pay scales: If two full time employees are doing the same job, and they both and finished with progression, they should make the same pay. 22.4 should make RPCD pay for driving hours. Full time air combo 22.3 should not be making part time rate for inside work (especially since it's now a 4 year progression).

    9.5 for all: Everyone should be able to have reduced overtime (RPCD, 22.4, 22.3, 22.2). Put everyone on 9.5. Make a weekly extra work signup sheet. If someone wants extra hours, they can sign the sheet. The sheet gets taken down on Thursdays, and is used to plan out the following weeks hours.

    22.4 limited driving hours: Limit 22.4 employees to a maximum of 28 hours of driving per week (except during peak where they are allowed 35 hours of driving per week). That's just under three days of 9.5 driving. That's enough to cover Saturday, Sunday, and help out for 4 hours on two heavy days.

    Full definition of irregs: Define size limits (UPS charges additional fee for packages longer than 48 inches to cover the extra handling, extra handling should be used by making it in irreg), over 70 lbs, over 31.5 kg.

    Over-weights: Any package over 70 lbs (31.5 kg) is an overweight. To ensure proper safety, every package over 50 lbs (22.5 kg) is required to have an accurate weight on it's label (looking at you Uline). Any employee who finds a package they reasonably suspect of having an incorrect weight on label, that is also suspected to be over 50 lbs, has a right to request it be weighed before further progress of that package. Audited weights shall have the correct weight, initials, date, and SLIC of whomever verified the weight of the package to make it clear for anyone else who may handle it.

    Dollies: All package cars (including rentals) shall be equipped with fully functional dollies. There shall be an additional 10% per center of functional dollies on hand to cover replacement if one should fail. Dollies must also be present in areas inside the hub where over-weights may be handled (not counting ones assigned to package cars or the extra 10%).
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    this thread is from 2007
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    Your point?

    The current contract is done (aside from a supplement or two, which isn't going to affect much). It's time to move on and start focusing on the next contract. This is a valid thread for that. There's no need to start a new one.
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    "22.4" is just another term for "cheaper driver, same work". They got away with it one way or another.
  13. I didn't vote Yes.
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    I better have that $13 before seasonal is over
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    Thank You Johnny Law 5.0
  16. Quit tagging me in every :censored2:ing thread
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    Oh brother
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    Good good ... perhaps ... yes’s go time??
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    Ok I’ll let you work.... I don’t need you having a mental breakdown out there because you don’t know what the hell im saying about you on
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    I was a senior in high school