The Package Was Left In A Ups Facility Causing This Delay

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  1. 31689

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    Can anyone tell me why packages that are left in the center are never upgraded to make service? Especially the 2das..

    They always have this exception scan:

    Then, they are sent out the following evening. I would think it is more cost effective to upgrade the shipment rather than pay out service failures.

    How many pieces are left nightly in your buildings?
  2. local804

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    Usually packages are placed in a trailer on grounds. For example, the suffolk buildings trailer is painted tan. This trailer never leaves the property but has many uses. When the left behind packages start to have an effect on the supervisors paycheck, then they will be upgraded. Until then, they could give 2 sh&*s.
  3. over9five

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    Personally, I leave about 400 packages in the building each night.

    But when I return in the morning, they're gone! And in their place is 350 different packages I gotta deliver....
  4. Channahon

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    A left in building package is NEVER a good thing for UPS or the customer. As far as not upgrading the 2nd day air, it may be the package would not make it to the airport on time, or a ground trailer that may be next day may have pulled already.

    Sometimes, shippers who load their own trailers will mix air packages with ground.
    And if the load is brought in for the night sort due to the latest pull UPS can give them, then there is no way to move the packages.

    At least they are being scanned as exceptions, and are providing visibility for the customer.
  5. tieguy

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    That package is left in building and could be for a variety of reasons listed above. We do have a service recovery network of shuttles that gets many of those packages moving in the right direction. Unfortunately we can' get all of them mvoing. Most hubs do not have the means to fly packages off the late night sorts and still get them to the destination in time. Most air sorts fly their planes out no later then 10 pm each night so anything found after the planes leave has no out unless its going instate.
  6. 31689

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    But a 2DA left in the building on say a Monday night can be sent the following night on the NDA air shuttle to make service for Wednesday, right? That is what I am talking about..
  7. Delivered

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    In case of the 2da air your are right. The pkg should get some NDA highlight tape on it. But we really shouldn't ever upgrade a ground package into the air system. Since we have no idea what is in the box. Could be an unmarked ORM-D its bad enough to have the package late we don't need to take down a aircraft. Isn't that what brought the Value-Jet down years ago was an unmarked oxygen canister or something
  8. Overpaid Union Thug

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    The main problem here is that it's all about the "NUMBERS" for the sups. Example: in my center if we find a package or packages left in the building and the feeder as already left then the customers that are supposed to recieve those packages are out of luck. We could easily drive the packages to the hub (it is only like 30 minutes away) but the problem is that the scanners for the shift are already down and the sups don't want to lose the origin scans for the packges. So instead of losing origin scans and making service on the packages they opt to keep the packages in the building for another 24 hours so they can get origin scans the next night. Even if the feeder hasn't left yet the sups will wait until the next day. So that leaves the customers wondering where there packages are. UPS should be all about the customers and not the numbers.
  9. tieguy

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    If the package is scanned in your building then it gets an origin scan regardless of how its linked. Your sups have some other reason possibly laziness or the cost of a shuttle driver for not moving the packages.
  10. Overpaid Union Thug

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    No it's simply for the numbers in this case. Or lack of numbers I should say. The packages aren't scanned in the building because they were never unloaded off the package car.
  11. paganpink

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    WEe don't "sit" on hardly any packages in our hubs. We miss 5-10 a day (out of about 100k per sort) off each shift for a variety of reasons. There are feeders that are unloaded on the sunrise sort ,destined to our preload, that have a lot of what you would call "cold" packages in them. Anotherwords they aren't scheduled to be delivered until the following day because they are for extended towns or other locations that are O.K. to send to our building but aren't due until the next day for delivery. The boxes for the metro areas only are sorted out, and the other parcels are put into a "hold " trailer to be run later in the day by the Twilight shift. Those packages aren't missed or "left in building" packages because they are just not due for service as the others in the feeder going to our metro centers are. This allows UPS to make next day service to large areas including parts of surrounding states by ground but mixed in with the hot packages are other parcels simply so the trailers are sent out as full as possible. It's more much trouble for the hub to sort through and pluck out just the preload packages as late as 6:30 or 7:00 AM but it saves money for feeders to send out fuller boxes rather than hauling air. That is probably a "hold" trailer that you are concerned about. UPS doesn't deliberately sit on hardly any substantial amount of pieces. There are always exceptions of course, but it would be an integrity issue that would be suficient for a management person to lose their job to leave parcels deliberately sitting especially in the numbers that you describe, We have a lot of different flows, and split flows, to our Hubs nowadays in order to speed up our time in transit tto keep them shorter than anyone else. We still have the fastest time in transit for ground packages overall, amplified due to our recent changes, than any of our competitors. And it's very hard for FedEx, in particular, to meet the new transit times both because of their split network between air and ground and because their old trick of using excess capacity in their air network is becoming a thing of the past as they have less and less extra space available due to leasing their excess to the USPS.
  12. psstdrvr

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    Our building is supposed to have a major audit done inorder to find out why so many pkgs are being left behind. As usual before the audit, everyone is notified so the sups run around like chickens with their heads cut off and clean things up. Instead of actually finding and fixing the problems they make a temporary bandaid fix and never try to solve the problem. Building will be back in is usual state of confusion right after the audit!
    Its kind of like all the safety tests they give us and provide us with their required answers at the same time so everyone is certified 100%.