The Post Office strives to survive

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    The Post Office strives to survive - CNN Money

    If the mail must go through, then it's going to cost a little more. On Monday, the United States Postal Service hiked up the price of stamps, as well as other delivery services.

    But as the cash-strapped and debt-ridden agency fights for financial survival, it's considering much more drastic changes than adding 2-cents to the cost of a 42-cent stamp.
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    I only pay 1 bill by mail and haven't sent a letter to anybody since I sent one to santa about three years ago.

    The problem is that they didn't do anything proactive and they are now in the situation they are in. My uncle works for them and I hope for him that they can figure something out.
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    i saw a guy( im guessing a sup) following one of the letter carriers around my route today. he had a clip board and stop watch and was making notes each house they went to. i just wonder if they will be on those guys for production similar to what we see. would be interesting
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    Weather we like it or not it is change that has keep us up as a company and this can not be found in the post office. Also you have to make money when you work and USPS makes no money when they work on Sat. If they went to 5 delivery days and 4 10hrs work shifts they would save so much...BUT no they are the POST OFFICE.