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    Been loading for about 2 months in a half at this point, and although my shift is managable, personally I dislike the timing. I've looked into the pre-load, and it seems generally the shift hours are around 5AM-10AM? Honestly I think I might have jumped the gun when I accepted my current shift. I know my chances are slim with my low seniority but honestly I've thought it out, and I'd much rather work on the pre-load and all of the extra focus you need to bring with you to the job. This shift fits my life much better and everything. I've also heard of loaders/unloaders on a pre-load schedule? Whats that about?
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    I work the preload in my area and the hours for me are 430am to 830-9am. I did work the twi-light for 10 years before going to the preload. The hours work for me and I did unload the for while but I sort the slides now. In my area the loaders do start at 415am and the unload starts at 5am. Sorters at 5am.
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    Hm. Yeah. I mean the timing is pretty great, I gotta say. If only I had nice seniority :(. I'd love to change to that type of shift in no time.
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    the only easy way out of preload is the door
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    we recently had 60-80 part-timers laid off of the day-twi-mid. Not one accepted a move to the preload to make their hours, all took a layoff. That should tell you something. True story, CHEMA.
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    Either pre-load sucks, or a lot of those part timers are comfortable with a lay off. Eh, either way. Loading is horrid as it is, I'd be happy to take another horrid position with a better shift.
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    Preload sucks.

    "I've also heard of loaders/unloaders on a pre-load schedule? Whats that about?"

    Back in 2004-2005, I worked the preload from 4:15am to 8:30, left and worked outside all day, then went back to UPS and worked the local sort from 6-9:30pm. It's called "double shifting" to most upsers, unless I am misunderstanding you.
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    Can only speak for how things are for me, obviously; and, I've only worked preload so I have an implicit bias. Also, I work off a belt, not cages - I have seen the cages from a distance, never worked them though.

    Preload is ... both great and horrible. There are days where the operation, as a whole, adds up and everything works well - though, this is the exception rather than the rule. Additionally, some folks who come in the door have been awake for maybe ... twenty minutes, so they are really dragging butt and moving slow; this inevitably backs everybody else up and tends to piss the supervisors off.

    There is also a lot of pressure put on you to perform - not just from the supervisors, but from the drivers; a lot of time the drivers will hold you responsible, rightly or wrongly, for the quality of the load. Obviously, there is some responsibility to be placed on how the routes are cut and who does it, but in my experience you will catch the initial storm from the driver when they see what they have to deal with and they are on their way to yell at a manager.

    Some of this is applicable to all jobs at UPS I'm sure, but that is just what is off the top of my head.

    edit: Then again, I really enjoy when I am able to work a minor miracle and perform a difficult work assignment to a high level of quality and with time to spare; that is just me though.
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    Oh I gotcha. Would this only be applicable to people double shifting, or could one load on a preloads schedule, without coming in back later?

    Yeah I'm always hearing that drivers really put a strain on you, but I suppose I could put up with that. Coming from a pre load themselves, its nice to hear that the job can actually run smoothly sometimes.

    Question to anyone: I checked the bid board today, and there is a list out for AM preload SORTERS. As our list here are rarely really clear on the pre-reqs, would I have to take the sorting test with load/unload and pass it to be able to get a job as a preload sort? (hypothetically since there is no chance for me at this moment).
  10. if its preload you probably won't have a sort test if they're on PAS, the label will tell you what belt to sort it to
  11. aww come on preload isn't that bad....then again I wouldn't know I've only been on the preload. I've extended a couple times and been an unloader on a night sort and they told me to slow down...I wasn't even going all out at that point so you may have a point.
  12. curiousbrain

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    Without knowing the context it's hard to say if this comment will be accurate, but you are a supervisor, so consider ... if everyone on the unload worked as fast as they possibly could ("all out", as you put it), every belt would have to be turned up just to move the volume and they would probably pop on a minute by minute basis. My point being, maybe not going all out is a good thing, every once in awhile? Slow and steady wins the race.
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    the midnights hours are terrible, cannot imagine working those hours as a part-timer. I did it FT for a couple years (twi/mid) and it was horrible too.
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    I bet. The job I'm assuming is horrible as it is. Getting up at the buttcrack of night and going in would dull the mood so much more.
  15. menotyou

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    After getting up at the buttcrack of night, you have to go in and look at a supervisor who lives to make you more miserable than she is.
  16. UnsurePost

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    I can understand a fair paying job, however $8.50/hr to wake up at 11pm until 4am is ridiculous.

    A little pipe dreaming for a second - Aside the preload/sort $1 extra, there should be pay differentials in accordance with the shift you are on.

    Day- least paid (+0/hr)
    Twi - second least paid (+.50)
    Mid- second highest paid (+$1)
    pre - highest paid (+1.50/hr)

    This would probably help staffing somewhat on the least desirable shifts. both for hiring and attendance/staffing/turnover
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    I totally agree. If I wanted to do crappy hours, I would at least do the full stretch and pull a 3rd shift stocking job at Wal-Mart. At least then it's FT with probably better pay and balance out extra pay according to shift. Of course minus the nice benefits, eh. But that isn't for another 10 months or so for me anyways. However like I said, I'd take the crap job and the crap pay anyday if it mean't getting that early shift.
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    At least you have a job with benefits, Amen
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    After they put you through hell to get it. Lol.
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    sort of