The Real Micheal Moore?

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wkmac, Jul 30, 2007.

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    I've seen some of Michael Moore's work and it had it's points but I also felt it somewhat irreverant satire more than anything else. This morning at 6 am I happen to be awake and watching C-Span when I was luckly enough to catch the above program. IMO, it's well worth consideration and pause for thought about Mr. Moore's intent and motive.

    At the link above, look in the upright of the page and click on the link to watch the program. If you already hate Moore, it'll give you plenty of food to feed your appetite. If you love Moore, you may hate the program but if like me you have an open but questioning mind about Mr. Moore (I've never thought he was what he claimed in being indepenent or portraying himself as such and that's fine but be honest) this program will give you reason to pause and think about the man and his work as a filmaker.
  2. Alex Jones

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    Poor video. Maybe Leffler should go to film school or apply for a job at FOX news. Ron Paul for President!!!!!!!!!!
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    I won't even watch it! Micheal Moore is a 400 lb waste of human life!

    (Just my opinion. Please don't delete my post)
  4. govols019

    govols019 You smell that?

    I have no use for Michael Moore.
  5. Sammie

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    The fat, obnoxious slob and his pieces of crap have won an Oscar, 30 other awards and 15 more nominations. :crying:
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    I can't disagree with your point or some of the others either but I will say this. IMO Leffler blows a lid off of Mr. Moore that shows him to be the very manipulative, harsh and almost down right evil person that he lays claim on so many other people and some of that may in fact be deserved. Leffler shows in case after case where he actually goes back and talks with the folks that Moore filmed for his pieces and you begin to see that Moore is not for the little guy as he sez but is in fact out for himself. Threats of lawsuits by Moore on the smaller people he claims to the fighting for and next to nothing compensation for appearing in his films is just the tip of the iceburg. He's not the Robin Hood to the good people of Sherwood Forest that he claims to be IMO based on what I saw. How about the fact that he's not even from Flint Michigan at all? Yeah, I'm not kidding!

    Leffler shows hard documents of the stocks Moore owns and among them are Phizer and Halliburton. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black and in the case of Moore's size and some of the people he attacks, it's a fitting claim.

    Moore very well could be just as you say he is but it's only opinion. You have nothing to backup your claims based on what? Feelings? Emotions? What if you had just a little evidence to back up your claims? Watch the program only if for 10 to 15 minutes because there's plenty there to choose from. That's all I'm saying.

    If you choose otherwise, that's cool and I even understand. I caught the show quite by accident and had I known it's content ahead of time I can't say for sure I would watch, especially at 6 am. I just happen to wake up and flipped on the TV and it was on C-Span just as Leffler was introduced and for what reason.

    I thought I'd offer this info up just in case you thought the piece would glorify Moore and you might reconsider once hearing a few facts about it. Whether you see the piece or not, your opinion of the man does seem to fit what I saw in the program if that fact means anything to ya.

    Leffler by his own admission is not a filmmaker and he's using his own money (about $100k) to make and film this piece. No, it's not a fancy production by any means but what counts is the content IMO. I've seen fancy productions with infinite budgets to back them but in the end there was no real content. Leffler gives good content and food for thought so in that respect his film gets an A from me.

    Also another side note about Moore. Leffler's daughter works as a reporter for a local Michigan TV station and once Leffler heated up his efforts, Moore personally threatened his daughter to her face that he would have her fired and she has no involvement in or with her father's efforts.

    And this guy blasts Cheney's hard handedness in life!
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    We agree!!:thumbup1:

    This won't be deleted because it's really true!:wink:
  8. satellitedriver

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    Thanks for sharing the link. It just confirms my opinion about Moore.
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    M. Moore is loosing weight. Look up the jay leno interview. I take no sides, but he has alot of people talking and thats a good thing. Id say he has more balls than any of us, who take orders and hope for the best.
  10. tonyexpress

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    Here ya go...Add this winner to the Micheal Moore collection.

    He doesn't deserve his own thread!!

    Sean Penn meets Chavez in Venezuela

    Sean Penn should move to Venezuela...That would be a good start for the traitor!!:mad:
  11. moreluck

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    Sean can take Danny Glover & Harry Belafonte along with him. Good
    riddance to bad rubbish!! :bored:
  12. tieguy

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    To critique Mike Moore you should recognize him for being a fat fag. Once having recognized his only contribution to the world you can then move on.
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    Hey,if some of you recognize Skeletor Coulter and her works of magnificence,well M n' M or ("the big fat fag")as some of you grown UPS so intellectually call him has every right to produce/direct his films reguardless of their authenticity.Just don't go....But he does sell tickets and provokes thought!!

    I did see part of the Q&A interview with a very nervous Kevin Leffler and hope to see a response from Moore, who generally has covered his claims with facts that he has always been able to defend.
    Leffler seemed to be a man on a mission to destroy Moore and his work and he may be correct in at least some of his research. However, if he had all that he claims on Moore, someone would surely be happy to finance and
    promote his documentary. Yet, it seems that no one wants to touch it.
    There is a reason why, obviously..

    Hopefully, Leffler will get his wish to distribute his movie effort
    and to debate Moore as he said he would be pleased to do. That would
    be a classic debate. Whether you like Moore or hate him, Leffler would
    have his hands full with Moore's record as an interesting and
    confident public figure.
    I'm sure we will hear more from Mike and Kevin. In the meantime, Moore
    will be busy counting his money while Leffler spends his life savings
    trying to do his thing.
  14. wkmac

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    You must be getting old and slack in your age. I can't believe you missed the obvious to blow Leffler out of the water. OK, I got ya back on this one.

    What movie launched Moore? Roger and Me which was about GM. What is Moore's latest? Sicko, about the healthcare industry. What is Leffler's past background? It's in black and white on the very link I provided above but here's the skinny:

    I've waited from the very first to see if anyone would use this against Leffler and I've been surprised no one has.

    Ann Coulter! Geez, D, is that the best you can do is bring up an irrelevate worthless lawyer who quite frankly ain't that great looking as some claim unless you have some fantasy about making love to a broom handle. Sorry boys but I like the Marilyn Monroe types (50's pinup girls) who have some meat on them bones and lots of curves!
  15. diesel96

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    Geez,sorry bout not answering your trick questioncorrectly,Didn't read his Bio! I went straight to watch program.From what little I saw from it I still stand behind mt position"why doesn't anyone want to touch it"?Maybe it's a little more obvious now when you do read his Bio that he does have a major bone to pick with Moore.Vengance and spitefullness is transparent to the eyes of the beholder.I guess no more spontaneous answers for your's getting more like homework with you!

    Coulter reference was just a reponse to others abusing Moore's looks and dismissing his works.I don't beleive everything Moore puts out as absolute truth,but he does bring attention and raises question to particular issues.As far as 50's pin-up girls,I take them a little younger (not Dateline young ) but with a little tighter skin.I'm not one to tap into the AARP bingo clubs just
  16. Cole

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    Moore is pathetic imho! What does he know about any of the issues he tries to espouse?
  17. wkmac

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    What the hell do any of us know about the issues we espouse?
  18. diesel96

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    Please enlighten us as to what the Simpson "Family Video " has to do with this topic???? Family healthcare?
    Like him or hate him,I tell you one thing Micheal Moore knows how to do,and that is make money$$$.
  19. brazenbrown

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    Hey Cole have you seen the new Simpson's Movie??

    What a hoot!!:lol::lol:

    A hell of a lot more entertaining than anything Micheal Moore has ever done or will ever do!!
  20. tieguy

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    Most liberal democrats are rich and try to help the poor to satisfy their guilt.