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    Today my supervisor told me that after break I needed to take a quiz and to go with the safety lady. I figured that since last time I argued with her that today I would just do as directed. So after break I find the safety lady and she sends me to her office. I get there and find a 90 question quiz on the computer. I run back out of the office and ask her if that is correct. She confirms that yes that is the quiz.

    I start the quiz and when I get to question 45 my manager walks in and asks me how my cages look. I tell him that 50 percent of my cages are 85% full and the other half only have a few packages. He then asks me if I think I have time to take a quiz. I laugh and say well "no, I personally think I should be working since break was late and this quiz is rather long."

    He keeps asking me what I should do. I finally said "I am doing as directed by my supervisor. Last time I argued about taking the quiz and was told I had a bad attitude so this time I am just taking the quiz." He leaves and I can hear there is an argument going on outside but I just kept taking the quiz. A few seconds later the safety lady comes in and says okay I will help you get done so you can get back to work. So she "gives" me the answers for the remaining questions.

    This whole thing just makes me laugh. What is the point of taking the quiz if they give you answers? She did bring me my print out for my information so that I could actually read all the questions and learn the answers.

    I asked my drivers if they have to take the computerized safety quizzes and they said “no, they mess with us in other ways.” :tongue_sm

    I know this woman is just doing her job and I think it must be difficult to have to get over 100 employees to comply with safety quizzes. There just is not a good time to take them during our sort and there is no way we will get overtime to take them. So even though I may complain about her I do know that she is just doing her job as she was directed.
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    You did and said exactly the right things!
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    Its called busy work aspenleaf, but you did the right thing.
    Silly isnt it. Now go back to work and work safely now that you have pkgs to load up to your earballs.
    Speaking of balls your manager should have grown some, told the safety lady to go bug porters or someone whos job wasnt time sensitive, and left you alone to do your work.
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    The Safety Lady should either start you early before the sort with reasonable advance notice, or have you take the quiz after work and pay you overtime if need be. Its ridiculous to waste your time during the middle of the sort and prevent you from doing your job. A lot of this "safety training" is a total crock. Furnishing people with the answers so the test scores are high defeats the real purpose.
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    I agree that the quiz should be done before or after the sort. Giving out the answers defeats the purpose of seeing what the employees know. I don't know how many more quizzes I have to take the login page showed about 50 and I have now done 4. I did ask the safety lady if she could let us know the day before so that we could come in 15 minutes early and she said "the uppers won't allow that." They took 4 of us off the boxline to do this 90 question quiz (which was longer than most nursing exams I have taken). The only question I missed prior to being given the answers was one about an office chair! Well I don't sit on the job much less have some fancy chair so I didn't know how the back of it should be placed. In case you want to know the answer is like an astronaut’s seat. This brings me to another question. How is an astronaut’s seat???
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    They often have "tests" for us drivers.If you dont know the answer they will tell you the correct one.Then you have to sign it.That way if anything bad ever resuts from you not doing as directed they can fire your :censored2: ,and hire a part timer for half as much.
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    Me and my fellow drivers take it yearly plus about 15 other short tests..
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    Every day is a test(-:
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    ....sometimes life gives the test first and the lesson later.
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    The online questions are meant to be educational. The hope is to teach you to be accident , injury free and to learn healthier lifestyle habits.

    There is some value to this type of education, I'm just not sure how much. Through the 90 question test you learn the importance of stretching before exercise , how to properly hidrate, lift and lower etc. Some of the questions are somewhat vague and would probably not educate unless there was physical demonstration with them.

    We also have the driving quizzes which focus on specific driving habits and how to's.

    Its an attempt to provide operations a means to educate without having to set up all day classroom sessions. I think we are up to approximately 24 quizzes and I'm sure there are many more to go.
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    I have to laugh every morning when our sup says "let's do some quick stretching and get out of here". Those two words "quick stretching",don't go together. FYI,30 seconds of stretching does absolutely no good. Just another example of UPS thinking they know what's best.
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    One of the best sefety questions is what do you do with a over 70# pkg and where do you load it. Same day we had the quiz I had one loaded on my top shelf.:crying:
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    I agree to a point that this test is educational. However I didn't get to read all the questions while taking the test. (I do have a copy but I have not read it at home yet.) The test could be broken down into smaller chunks or they could let us come in early and do it before our sort starts. I guess I have 20 more to take or do you know if they only give us certain ones?
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    The nice thing about management....they usually send us the tests....with the answers. Makes a lot of sense
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    Thats about as bad as a SURPRISE AUDIT!
    Doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The last time we did our Haz Mat training, we also had proper delivery methods. It took the other center in our building an hour and a half to do it. When we asked the on car sup why we were allowed only 45 minutes, see told us that thats how much time our center manager told her to do it in. So she turned off the VCR and she gave us the answers. Guess what? I got 100% of the questions right.

    Do you ever wonder how we stay in business?
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    It depends on your district. Sounds like each one is different. You would not take the driving quizzes so probably about 10 at the most. The 90 question you took is supposed to be the last one you take since its comprehensive of the many smaller ones. Like I said it sounds like we are struggling with the concept. You worrying about your pick backing up is not a good way to learn about safety.
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    "Thanks over9five for making me drag out my websters........."

    Sorry, I thought everyone knew what 'excellent' means!
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    :lol: You are too funny!