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    I worked for FedEx Express for about 5 months and left in August. Got hired by UPS and wow what a major difference. There's less bs to deal with, everything is real simple. Peak season is slightly kicking my :censored2: but I can deal with it. Same with waking up at 12am and working until 8am. Loading trucks and sorting couldn't be any easier just because we can listen to our iPods and mess around with our phones. Supervisor's just don't care as long you have no mis routes, miss loads, and sorting correctly. My supervisor who runs the show is hella cool, there's food almost everyday. Can't complain with that. Definitely a night and day difference to me at least working for UPS then Fedex Express. Oh and already offered a permanent position. Not bad at all. Rants over.
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    UPS > FedUp
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    I finally have this type of manager at FedEx. He has nothing to bother you with as long as your numbers are decent and routine procedures are kept in line.

    What is really screwy is that FedEx has turned itself into a company that no one would care to stay with long term unless you want to put in 20 or so years as a manager otherwise you will never be able to make a living. The field of interest is so narrow that it is a ninche that probably does not exist. The plan must be to never let anyone have overtime or make it to 5 years. I can really see this as Smith's grand overarching strategy only lacking in a three letter acronym. Can you imagine the chaos if someone whispered "self-directed work groups" in a big profit oriented meeting at Memphis?
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    Eight hour days during peak. Must be nice.
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    I agree. I sure wish I could have some of those at Peak, or any other time.
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    Change your avatar now.
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    Sure is. Anything over 5 hours is time and a half.
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    They're making quips about you only working 8 hours a day, most of the drivers you're loading for are running about 12 hours and at least in my center, our shortest day this past week (not counting the Sunday we also worked) was barely under 8, every other day was closer to 9.5 with Monday being 11.
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    Not at our spot. They need the bodies.
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    Beauty of the union my friend :)