The UPS Policy Book with Integrity: Session 3 Satisfied?

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    To all,

    After pondering a comment from someone I have decided to change.

    I am no longer going to do a line by line expositional study of the UPS Policy Book.

    It was going to take me too long.

    I have decided to change the format.

    The format will be topical.

    I will occasionally have a discussion thread that will be an expositional study in the context of a current or recent discussion or theme that is being discussed here on the BC.

    The topic of this discussion thread is going to be job satisfaction.

    Today someone shared the hatred that is held for their job. I found this to be very sad.

    I believe that every man or woman seeks some satisfaction from the work they do, no matter how menial the task.

    I really appreciate this persons honesty.

    Other than the obvious monetary rewards for working at UPS,

    do you feel you work in a company that provides a workplace culture where you can obtain satisfaction from your work?

    Are you aware that UPS policy expects management to create a workplace culture that enables it?


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    No and no.
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    Hey Trick, been a while......

    Evening Integ
    No, UPS does not provide a workplace culture where a man can obtain satisfaction from the work. In many instances, management actually provides the opposite. And yes, I am aware that UPS policy expects management to do so.

    The problem is, with so many other areas where management is not interested in following policy, why should they give a fiddlers damn about having drivers that have job satisfaction.

    I do have an issue though with a faulty premise though. That is my needing to look to UPS management for personal job satisfaction.

    Until I realized that what management said/cared about really didn't matter (because no matter what I did, how hard I worked, sacrifices I made, nothing was good enough) I was not much better than your "someone that shared the hatred for their job". It was not until I realized that the only person I needed to please with my performance was me that I began to really enjoy what I did for UPS. After that, nothing they said or did affected the way I felt about the job.

    Negativity breeds negativity. When all we get is negativity, unless we fight it, we fall for and into it. I just refused to be negative anymore.

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    This job USE to be exciting, rewarding, stimulating, and physically demanding. Now, it's just physical abuse.
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    ...or perhaps ours.