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    any of you do things to your body to help with the wear and tear. Any of you who work out with weight or have a hot tub find that it helps???How about protein powder, do any of you take these kinds of supplements??
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    I have had 2 back surgeries and a knee surgery. I take spinning classes (stationary bike) with my wife at the gym. It has really helped strengthen my knee and legs. I also do some lifting on the machines to build upper body and legs. I stay away from the free weights as one little slip there can hurt you. The machine weights can't "get away from you". I did consult my physical therapist I had for my knee before starting this. The key to it all is stretching everyday. I can tell when I get away from my stretching. I start getting soar in the back and upper legs. I do wish I had a hot tub or a jetted tub!
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    I rest.

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    On my last DOT physical my doctor advised me that my blood sugar and blood pressure are at borderline levels. I am 53 years old and eventually I have to make lifestyle changes if I want to stay in the package delivery game. One of the weaknesses I have is fast food. I know I should make lunch the night before but with the variety of fast food restaurants and convenience, its so hard to avoid.

    I think we are in a unique situation. Most people don't go to doctors for anything until its too last. At least with the DOT physicals you have a chance to correct the problem.
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    I agree with the above post but only to a point. We all know DOT physicals are not the most comprehensive physical in the world. I would recommend that you get a personal/family physician and have an annual physical in addition to your DOT physical, which is every 2 years. Also, do yourself a favor and pack your lunch the night before--fast food will kill you.
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    I would say the best thing you could do for your body @ UPS would be:

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    I see my Chiropractor once a month. It helps to have 15 free visits a year.
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    Call in sick!!!!!!!!
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    3 day weekends
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    Chiropractic is to legitimate medical science as witch doctor is to doctor.

    Our insurance plans should not be paying for this. It's one reason medical costs are out of control.

    [I realize some Chiropractors may diagnose and treat you just as a real doctor would, and you may get good results. But other Chiropractors are quacks, and should be prosecuted for fraud!]
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    i see a Chiropractor and on saturdays sometimes I'll get a one hour massage. I agree with a past post, FAST FOOD kills me as a driver. My wife is encouraging me to bring fruit while out on the road. Think I should take her advise. Walking on the treadmill for about half hour, 45 mins before works helps.
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    My wife bought me an inversion table last year and it has turned out to be a godsend. I'm 50, and have a degenerated disk in my lower back. It helps get the "kinks" out, takes pressure off the disks, and allows them to "plump" back up. I have always benefited from chiropractor visits. This is like a self remedy.
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    I quit drinking pop and rarely eat fast food. I quit pop 4 years ago and lost 15 lbs right away. I make my lunch and use whole grain bread (very important distinction) and eat canned fruit packed in light syrup for dessert.

    I do 15 minutes of slow stretching in the morning and evening. My daughter and I are talking about adding 30 minutes of yoga in the mornings. Her and I race off-road motorcycles, so I am also trying to maintain my body for those events.

    Several people have questioned how smart it is to race off-road, but I suspect that UPS is creating more wear and tear on my body than racing.

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    This sounds managerial but using proper methods does reduce wear and tear on your body. But pace yourself and try to keep your stress levels to a minimum. Hydration, diet and supplements are important as well. As a pkg car driver, most of my exercise and cardio was achieved at work. Obviously, with the hours pkg drivers work it's hard to make time for any extra curricular activities except on weekends which probably get interupted by "honey-do's" anyway. If possible, participating in a physical activity, league, or gym club helps you stay mentally and physically young as we get older. Surviving 20 yrs. of pkg driving and moving up to Feeders for a couple of years now my body won't endure the wear and tear anymore, however if you don't watch your diet and stay active, there's a "wide load" sign waiting to hang from your fat :censored2: and health complications and old man disease can set in prematurly. So basically it's a personal choice......chose wisely, staying healthy is an attitude not an afterthought.:peaceful:
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    When my youngest son was about 10 months old he was having ear infection after ear infection. The "real" doctors wanted to put tubes in. My wifes friend is a Chiropractor, she suggested we take him to a Chiropractor in our town. When she told me about it I said "Whats a Chiropractor going to do for an ear infection?" In the six years he has been going he has had one. The Chiropractor said keeping everything inline helps with drainage of the fluid in the ear canal.

    I think in every profession there are good and bad. My family and I have had good expieriences with this Chiropractor and thats all that matters. I certaintely trust most Doctors also. But he makes me feel better and UPS pays for it, so I will continue to go.
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    I have a point of contention with a previous post in which the writer stated that he had survived 20 years of pkg car driving before moving up to feeders... Maybe it's just me, but the thought of pulling a set of doubles down an isolated interstate at 3 in the morning during a snow storm is not my idea of moving up. Sure, the extra $.50/hr (or $.75/hr for triples) would be nice, but I simply do not have any desire to ever get behind the wheel of a feeder. I think a more accuate term would be a lateral move to feeders, although the decreased wear and tear on the body and lessened stress levels can be appealing.
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    The package car drivers at my location are signing the feeder bid sheet in record numbers so, apparently, some people consider feeders a "move up".
    Does it snow 365 days a year in upstate New York? The solution to driving in snow/ice/bad weather is slow down, run out of hours then call dispatch so they can come get you.
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    It only snows 364 days--there is no snow on July 4th.
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    I wouldn't go feeders just for the meer fact that a i love my family too much.