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  1. bleedinBROWN

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    Today on presort while I was moveing an unload device I slipped and twisted my ankle. Altough I was able to finish the sort the pain was getting worse and worse, now I can barely walk. I told my sup. and he said usally they dont send people to the doctor for stuff like this but i was wandering what they will say when i show up tomorrow with a really strong limp. I REALLY REALLY dont want to have to get paperwork involved with this. I have twisted the ankle in the past which is why i believe this time hurts so much. It really wasnt a bad fall and noone seen me except for an unloader. I was just curious as to what I should expect from management on this issue. Givin that tom. is Fri. I will have the whole weekend to rehab my ankle. If i show up to work and dont let my duties suffer can they make me go to the doc.?
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    I rolled my ankle 3 years ago. At first, I got up, walked on it for about 10 mins, then realized I couldnt put anymore weight on it. I was told to go sit in the office and ice it. About 4 hours later, after the sort, my Sup finally took me to a walk-in clinic. After filing out the paperwork and waiting about 10 mins, I was told I had to go to a different location. Another 30 min drive, I finally arrived at the correct location, I was seen by a Dr. Dr. put me in a boot and I was T.A.W. for 5 weeks. My point is, if you hurt it, report it, just my opinion.
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    Unless you call the injury into Liberty Mutual that day, you lose. When the next day rolls around, UPS will say the injury never happened on property. Your immediate supervisor will completely forget that you injured yourself. He will deny all conversations he had with you the day before.
    On the positive side, the safe work days accumulated on your shift will remain intact. And your center manager will even get bonus money for safe work days while you continue to work in pain.
    Pat yourself on the back. Your a team player.
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    ^^^ +1 ^^^
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    Thats the reason why I don't wanna have any paperwork because i don't want to be the reason for the safe work days to start over...

    @ Whiskey- So Since its done and over with have I reached the statute of limitations allready as far as them wanting to file workmans comp?
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    Make sure you document what time you told your sup and what happened when you were injured in a statement because they're going to ask you. As management, we have 24 hours after the initial injury to call it in to the insurance company. I prefer to do it on the day of to lessen any confusion and to have you taken care of immediately. I would go so far to say for you go back today and ask to be taken to the clinic, any full time supervisor there can take you. We prefer that your immediate supervisor take you, but anyone can take you. But prepare a written statement before you go, because they're going to try and argue it. But go in prepared and they won't have a leg to stand on.
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    Don't mess around with your health or your joints the more you do, the worse off you'll be when you're older. You may have a stress fracture or a torn ligament or you may have just a simple sprain. Like I said, we have 24 hours to call it in to the insurance company. You haven't reached the "statute of limitations" with your injury. Document the conversation you had with your sup and call the center your sort is based out of and talk to the center manager. Yes, you have a preload manager, but the preload manager has to respond to the center manager, so go directly to him/her.
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    First of all, don't worry about the safe work days thing. Injuries happen in a fast paced work environment. The important thing for you is to take care of your ankle. It may be all it needs is ice, elevation and rest. You did the right thing by telling your immediate supervisor. If your condition worsens to the point where you need to seek medical attention, let your supervisor know as he may want to accompany you. You will have to fill out an injury report and report the injury claim to Liberty Mutual.
  9. grgrcr88

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    If you do not have the injury reported and it turns out to be a bigger isue that you thought you will be on your own to take care of the medical expenses and time off work. While I aplaud your wanting to keep your safe work days running, you need to understand that you must take care or you, if you think the company cares about you like that your sadly mistaken. Go back to the building and report the injury immediatly and go see a doctor, before its too late.
  10. bleedinBROWN

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    Altough I have done 2 complete peak season DH, I have only been working as part time here since 12 Mar 2010 and I don't want to look as a problem to my center manager with less then 3 mths. under my belt. I want to do my 5+ years or whatever it takes to be a driver one day and not get off on a bad foot.(no pun intended)
  11. SouthCal

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    Let me put it to you this way, if you have a more serious injury than a sprained ankle, it may in the long run, affect your ability as a driver. A driver's job is very dependent on the health of his ankles and feet and the rest of him. Whether you've been there a week or 25 years, regardless of the trouble it causes everyone else, you need to take care of YOU. They won't do it for you. And you don't have health insurance yet to see a doctor on your own, if I'm remembering the contract correctly.
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    In my opinion you should go back to the building and tell them what happened and that you want to go to the clinic. Don't worry about safe work days all they mean to you are free food once a yr (maybe). A couple of months ago I was injured and made them take me to the clinic, they will give you 10 kinds of hell and try to discourage it, but the main thing is that it is your health not theirs so only you can make the decision.
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    Some bad advice and inaccurate information in this thread.

    Please reread the original post carefully.

    To BleedInBROWN: If you are still in pain or limping, stay home Friday and call in. Use the weekend to heal up. Working in pain will only make the injury a lot worse.
  14. FracusBrown

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    You have a year to file a Workman's comp claim. Look it up on the Internet or look for the posting in your building. It should be with the ADA, Minimum wage, OSHA posting in the break room or another common area.

    You don't have to prove you were hurt at work. The comp laws are on the employee's side. If a DR says you're injured and you say it happened at work, you win unless the company can prove otherwise.

    Your post here make it virtually indisputable. If you feel that you need medical attention, you don't need permission to get it.
    If you seek medical attention and the injury was not reported by your sup the sup will get into deep doo doo for not reporting it, so if you like the guy make sure he knows you intend to seek medical attention.
  15. DS

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    Some bad advice and inaccurate information in this post
  16. over9five

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    Tomorrow, the OP will find out if he has an ethical management team. He will show up limping, barely able to walk. His sup will remember the OP reporting the injury, and should now insist that he go to the doctor.

    Let us know what happens, bleedinBROWN.
  17. tieguy

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    you need to get it looked at and you can keep the streak intact.

    If it feels bad tommorrow you should go to work get it entered into the system ( done online now) get it looked and make sure its not serious. At that point you are covered. If it heals up over the weekend and you don't miss any time then the lost time streak is still intact. If its more serious then you are covered because you reported it promptly.

    some bad advice here. Jonfrom I am surprised at your answer.
  18. cosmo1

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    This doesn't happen very often, but I wholeheartedly agree with Tie. Get it checked.
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    You should report the injury, get it looked at, and keep yourself healthy. It may be just a sprain, perhaps not. You and no one here or at your center is a doctor, let the doc make the call as how bad it is.
    Tie has given good advice. I do believe only "loss time" injuries go against the centers safety numbers. Again, your health is more important than a number on a spread sheet. You seem dedicated, and it will show in your work, hopefully your management team will see this. The fact that you even care about the safety numbers should give them a clue as to the caliber of an emploee you are.

    I wish you the best of luck.
  20. bleedinBROWN

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    Thanks to all for the advice. Whiskey pretty much hit the nail on the head. My Sup. nor my center manager said nothing to me about it. It was as it never happened...LOL. The pain wasnt really that bad today altough I had one of those ankle braces on. This makes me want to stride to be alot more safe because you never know when it will happen again. I would have probaly called in but I am responsible for swaping out the short system trailers and there is noone to cover me. But its all good because today is Friday and I have a paycheck in my pocket and two days to rest up. Once again thanks for the advice.