Those Citicorp tapes


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Remember the big furor over us losing those Citicorp tapes with 3.9 million customers info on them? There's a news article today with the explanation as to what actually happened. Seems the package got damaged somewhere along the way and the tapes were thrown out by whoever processed the damage. This was disclosed in response to some politician trying to use this as a manipulation of the electronic package manifesting system.

outta hours

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Wily I saw something on the news yesterday that DHL had lost some parcels that contained identity info. on thousands of people. The story said all involved could be a target for identity theft. Hope the media make as big a deal about that, as they did the Citicorp tapes.


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I was under the impression that this package only showed a billing scan. Does anyone know if it showed any physical scans or if a damage was entered in the system? Unless the tracking # was completely unreadable there should have been entrys. We spent weeks tearing apart equipment over this, and we weren't anywhere in it's line from point a to b. I can't believe they'd have us waste that time and money if they knew where it was.