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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by yeldarb, Jun 25, 2009.

  1. yeldarb

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    Just curious how many packages you deliver out of your P12's. (those that have one). My route has been growing, and I started in a P8 4 years ago, Have been in a P10 for about 3 years, but now am up to 350-400 pieces a day, and I am fighting with bulk until about noon, and am hoping to get a P12.
  2. Dagoof

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    Between 250 and 400 but the bulk is gon by noon.
  3. badpal.

    badpal. avoiding brown kool-aid

    I have 300-400 delivery pieces and about 100-200 p/u depending on how heavy UPS store and another pickup is for the day
  4. BrownBlue

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    Bulk would be off by 1030 if you walked faster. Sluggo!
  5. MD Dan

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    When I had a P12 It was 250/350 but the big issue was the size of the pieces- not the number. But yeah-- wrestling bulk till noon.
  6. some1else

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    i cover alot of heavy bus. routes and it seems like 350+=p12 there is one that hovers around 300 sometimes as high as 450 (average size boxes not letters/irregs) that they are trying to put back in a 1000!
  7. outta hours

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    I thought volume was down:wink2:
  8. tworavens

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    I deliver a mall, right now between 350-400 pieces a day, and pick up around 200. Before the economy tanked I was delivering 450-500 pieces a day and picking up about 300. Except on Mondays, when I would routinely pick up 400+ pieces and have another driver take some UPS store volume as well.

    The most I ever got in my P12 was 983 pickup pieces one peak season. Those were the days before Pottery Barn and their freakin' ginormous boxes...
  9. spuman

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    For some reason a 9.5 day won't fit in my 1200 cubic feet of cold brown steel.
  10. some1else

    some1else Active Member

    probably b/c you are going to fast. try going slower.
  11. sealbasher

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    seems to be picking up lol
  12. Monkey Butt

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    Only in those FedEx trailers you are pulling.
  13. outta hours

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    Gets me more points than a sales lead. We were told "FedEx has our volume go get it back." So that's what I'm doing.:wink2:
  14. partykid

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    I ran a route about 2 months ago that was in a 1200, i delivered about 400 an also picked up about 400
  15. partykid

    partykid New Member

    That is why I would never bid that route, Could not handle that route every 95degree heat...LOL
  16. upslick

    upslick New Member

    I guess I am the lucky one. I am in a P12 and I deliver around 140 stops per day and between 250 and 350 pieces. I have 23 pick ups and average between 60 and 100 pieces. Only 4 or 5 air letters a day picked up, but I deliver around 20 NDA stops.
  17. barnyard

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    I had a p12 and delivered 200ish a day, but picked up 4-500. Generally stuffed it tight. Took away the p/u and the p12. Kind of bums me out. With all the shelf space, I usually only had one or 2 stops on the floor.

  18. Mike23

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    In my 1000 I usually handle about 300-450 a day. Before the economy went down the tubes (which was really helpful for my run) it was anywhere from 400-550 a day.

    Typical day is thus out of my 1000. Leave building at 0855, make sure I have a little air help (sometimes my air would take up one and a half shelves which management claimed thirty air stops by noon was doable as well as finishing the day with 140 stops...Of course the manager that said this did the route for a month and could never finish it without help). I leave about 1/4 of my stops behind because they won't fit in my car. Run about 25 stops by 1030 and then it's air meet time! Fill'er backup and off I go!

    I'm usually cubed out 3 times in one day...Pretty common I think for commercial drivers though. The only time you're pooched on commercial is when management, in all their wise intelligence (like on Fri) has the int trailer show up late and then run it so you have an air meet at 1245 and have to go back to 10 of your stops. Of course then you just run air in trace, woot! Make me feel like Fedex or Purilator...all spoiled like.
  19. ReLooped

    ReLooped I'm utility...AGAIN!?

    LOL you just jinxed yourself-the PAS team is gonna add more work to you:dead:
  20. some1else

    some1else Active Member

    the p12 is not as bad as the moose but they are in demand; so routes that arent really heavy enough to justify them are constantly hounded by other centers to steal the truck.

    that extra room is REALLY nice and they drive pretty much like a p1000; and alot better than the 4speed gas p1000s.