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    OK I'm wondering if what is happening to me is just a 'mistake' or is this turning out to be a trend elsewhere. Last week I was expecting to see a time bonus on my paycheck for one day two weeks ago that I went over 10. That time bonus didn't show up in my paycheck. So I had the office manager check my time card for that week and it does show that I punched out over 10 that day in question. And I also looked at my time card for this past week which showed 2 more days of punching out over 10. Well as I was looking at my time card for that day, my on car sup came in the office and grabbed it out of my hands saying I was not supposed to be seeing that info, to which I promptly pointed out to him, (in a few 'choice' word styles so to speak) that it is our right in the contract to see this info, and that I had a problem with my paycheck and he needs to fix it. He put on this look of a fifth grader looking at a question on a test he didn't understand, but he responded later in the day over the diad that he fixed it and it should show on my next paycheck. So now I get my check this week looking for the time bonus that my on car sup said he fixed, plus the other two time bonuses for last week, and guess what? Nothing. No time bonus on my paycheck at all. I know this has happpened to some other guys in my center, and our shop steward is prepared to start making a stink over it. I told him that I wanted to see my paycheck this week first to see if the time bonus my on car sup said he fixed was in as well as the two for last week before he included me. but now tomorrow I will just go right to him and show him I got screwed again. One lesson for everyone.....if you don't already do it now, start keeping track of your hours every single day by writing them down.
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    :confused:1:confused:1At least u get time bonuses, my center has never gotten them. Exactly, how do they work?
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    Well according to the contract anytime you work over 10 hours you are to receive what's called a time bonus for working over 10. It doesn't matter if it is a minute or 20 minutes over 10. the bonus is a percentage of your hourly rate, on top of being paid the time and a half for the time you worked overtime. And I think...but not positive, that you are also supposed to receive the time bonus at 10.5 and 11. But I'm sure someone who knows better than me can explain it. But essentially you are supposed to receive some bonus pay for working over 10 hours. Start keeping track of your hours and time you punch out buddy!
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    The time bonus is 15 extra minutes added to your check, as i was told its like a coffee break you would need after working the extra hours.
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    :confused:1 I have never heard of a time bonus after 10hrs, in fact there is no time bonus I know of for working a certain number of hours. There is something called bonus if you break your route for the day( 10hr route-done in 9hrs) you would receive 1 hour bonus pay. The only thing we get after 10 hrs is a "dinner break", essentially another lunch break. I know that their are riders or supplements to the contract, maybe your area has different langauge to that effect. Let us know is you find the info.
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    What supplement are you guys working under? We have no "time bonus" language in the Atlantic Area.
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    We get 20 min here in Ma.
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    Massachusetts. And I did find out it's 20 min.
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    What is wrong with your steward? Why is he prepared to make a stink over it? He should make a BIG stink whenever it happens. Your management team is doing something dishonest. That 20 minutes of pay is yours, and someone is stealing that money from you and your family. File a grievance today.

    Everyone should write down their punch in and punch out every day.
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    In our local supplement, any day we work 30 minutes or more of OT, we get an additional 15 minute "Time Bonus" also. We're in the NYC area.
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    Many a supervisor has been fired at UPS for tinkering with the driver's hours to make his numbers look better. This might not be the case here, but it often is.
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    Something smells fishy. We once had the same situation in our building. A driver would go over 10 hrs and his sup would alter the timecard to keep him under. Whenever somebody alters a timecard, they have to log in and that becomes a permanent entry on the timecard. File a grievance.
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    Where I'm from the minute you work past 10 hours you are paid .33 hours at 1.5x28.14. (go figure that 3 time bonuses adds up to .99 hours and not 1.00:mad:) I believe this is a fair tax on Uncle Parcel. Who the hell wants to work past 10 hours a day? Factor in an hour unpaid lunch and now you are tied up for 11 hours a day not including your commute.

    There really is no reason why any driver at UPS should be working over 8.5 hours and they certainly shouldn't be even sniffy 10 hours. Yet we get dispatched with 9.2 on paper, but that 9.2 on paper is from a number in a perfect world. It doesen't factor in traffic. It dosen't account for the fact that on a "9.2" day your package car is packed floor to ceiling and from bulkhead door to back door. So the "selection allowance" of 1.8 seconds turns in 5 minutes at your first stop because you have to fight 400 pieces to find the 12 for your first stop. How is this fair?

    Management might say that a driver with a 9.2 day going over 10 is an hour paid over, but the driver doesn't have a fighting chance if you are only "allowing" him 1.8 seconds to select a package from a package car full of packages.

    Now, if you dispacth him with 8 hours on paper and he can walk from front to back in the truck and he comes in an hour paid over then I must say the driver is LAZY.

    But once you get up to 9 hours on paper, their load is going to be bulked out just to get that "9 hour" number and the driver is not going to meet that standard no matter how fast or good he is!
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    Well I had a meeting this morning, shop steward, center manager, building manager. outcome of it is, there is some sort of a problem that will get found and worked out. I honestly believe there was no time card altering in my case, even though I have heard stories of it happening. So I was assured that I will receive the time bonus and that they will look into finding out why it happened in the first place. At least for right now by going the route we did they know that we are more than aware and willing to do something about it. but still I will keep writing down my punch out times every day.
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    In our contract, if you notify management of a problem with your check and it doesn't get fixed by the next pay period they owe you half your guarantee at straight time. $28.17 X 4hrs. Is that in the national contract or maybe just our supplement not sure?
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    Bonus? Oh you mean Bone-us