Time To Jump Ship???...

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by herbigharo32, Jan 12, 2009.

  1. herbigharo32

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    Hey, I work for the sunrise sort at DFW airport. It is to my understanding that most if not all part timers will be terminated/placed on call back in about 4 weeks. The union was contacted with no response. This whole thing with the night sort closing down is still quite a mystery. So, it is reckoned that the time to make new plans that will not include UPS must be made is at hand. Yes I will be put on call back. 4 months of senority means that either my phone will be on a new service provider (no longer a worker number) or I will have simply moved on.

    That is a really long way of saying that my tenure at UPS will be short.....very short lived.

    One thing that has happened is my supervisor just resigned. I heard several more are resigning as well. People are starting to jump ship at the DFW sort.
  2. dillweed

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    Please don't jump ship unless you have a more secure vessel at hand. Did I spell vessel correctly? geesh
  3. herbigharo32

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    I've been looking but have not found a suitable replacement for UPS. I do have a full time job at a local retailer. UPS is my second job. The hard part is finding another position to fill in during those times is difficult. As said previously, I am hoping to stay on at UPS but would not count too many eggs into the brown basket!
  4. kingOFchester

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    Looks like the tightest ship is going to get tighter, or shall I say smaller. It was bound to happen and will be a tough year at the least, if not longer for some of us!

    Good luck to you!!
  5. herbigharo32

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    I find the non communication from the union rather disturbing. One thing I can say is how glad that I never paid in any dues. I feel sorry for those who paid in dues for many years without results.
  6. Hawaii50

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    It's not going to be a tough year, it's actually going to be a tough 3 years.
  7. dannyboy

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    I would ride the ship down. Unless you get a better offer during the time you currently spend at ups, that time would now be wasted?

    As far as the union goes, this is a new phenomina for them as well as UPS. Downsizing is not something UPS has had to do much of over the last 50-100 years. Might be that you not hearing anything from them is because you have not paid any dues. As far as they are concerned, you do not exist to them. What ever meager help they can offer will be to members. Full time first, scraps if available to the part timers.

    But I would not hold my breath.

  8. kingOFchester

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    My crystal ball only goes as far as a year. Should of spent the extra bucks and gotten the long range forecast ball!

    Never the less, It is going to be a while.
  9. Hawaii50

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    Since you never paid any union dues. Perhaps thats why the union is not communicating with you.
  10. intent to term

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    One thing that has happened is my supervisor just resigned. I heard several more are resigning as well. People are starting to jump ship at the DFW sort.[/quote]

    Is it a FT or PT sup?
  11. softshoe

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    I feel sorry for those who don't pay dues. This deadbeat shouldn't get any union representation when UPS fires him.
  12. herbigharo32

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    It's kinda hard to pay dues if you don't even know where to send the check each month! I did ask about information on this union by contacting via the Local 767 website; no response. I do not know who the shop steward is and never heard a peep from this union. So, yah I'm in the dark on this one. If I am hatching my own plans, it is because I would not want to count on someone else planning my life for me!!! So, what do I do? Sit on a push cart with a fire extinguisher and rocket my way into the shop steward's office?
  13. herbigharo32

    herbigharo32 Member

    Oh, I forgot to mention..... Which way do I aim that fire extinguisher? The cart will have to roll in the direction of the steward's office :happy-very:
  14. bad company

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    I'm sorry, but I don't think you tried too hard. I find it incredibly hard to believe that you exhausted all possible methods to try and get the information you needed. Have you been down to the union hall? That was an option... What about calling the local? That was another option.

    I'm glad that the union is "keeping you in the dark". You're not a union member. You don't pay dues and you clearly didn't care enough to join; and now you expect them to seek YOU out and help you?

    By the way, since you seem to have such a hard time doing a little bit of research and getting the information that you need, here is a link to the Texas Dept. of Labor website. Good hunting! http://www.twc.state.tx.us/customers/jsemp/jsempsub1.html
  15. herbigharo32

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    Who wants to work in small sorts?

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  16. combogirl

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    It scares me to think you work directly above my head on the sunrise sort.
  17. smf0605

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    You might want to check the deductions on your paycheck. Dues are generally taken directly out of your pay once a month.
  18. herbigharo32

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    Combogirl, now you know where that weird rattling noise above is all about LOL! Do you deal with the aircans or package cars?
  19. Channahon

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    This is one of the funniest things I ever read. Thanks for the chuckle!!:laughing::laughing::laughing:
  20. Channahon

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    Texas is a right to work state, and with that said, the union will represent an employee, only to keep the position. The union doesn't care if the employee loses their job as a non member. They see it as an opportunity to get a union dues paying employee to fill the vacated position.

    And the employee has the choice to join or not join the union. You would think the union employees would be talking, regardless if union or non union employee. They are concerned for the job security, and in today's economy, who knows if there is anything like job security anymore?