Tips on working the box line?

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by snarts, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. snarts

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    Today was my second day of working as a preloader. I'm currently working in the box line and was told by my supervisor that I did alright but that I am a bit behind where she wants me to be. Does anyone have any advice on how to load the packages quicker?
  2. dookie stain

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    You will never satisfy your will come with's new work you're not gonna master it over night
  3. snarts

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    Oh and by box line I mean loading packages into those colored cages.
  4. Bastiatian

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    I did that for the first time today, myself. They're moving me to unload tomorrow, though.

    I agree with the advice already given: Give it some time.
  5. UnsurePost

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    Do the best you can, safely. Not much else to add.
  6. olroadbeech

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    no matter how quick you go it will NEVER be fast enough for the bosses.

    work at a safe pace and use the methods they have trained you with.

    when they tell you something like " you need to go faster " or something similar , ask them to demonstrate. it is possible that will help.

    and always say something like " I am doing the best I can ."

    you will probably be all right if you are.
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    I would quit now.
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  8. bleedinbrown58

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    Were you once a preloader too?
  9. MendozaJ

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    Get rid of the largest packages first. When you get to the smaller stuff, you should be able to pick through them two at a time (unless you have only one hand), keeping the like colors together.
  10. Cementups

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    I used to sort my packages in the bid on one turn and on the next turn they would already be in stacks to go to each truck so I could just grab them and walk into that truck and load, Like @MendozaJ said, get rid of the bigger stuff first and make some room in the bins. Then make yourself some piles for each truck and load away.
  11. Dr.Brown

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    You have NO clue what op is talking about....
    Did QVC shut off again?
  12. My advice would be not to care, avoid PT supervisor positions and sign every bid sheet they put up for driving. Stay honest, stay safe and show up on time you got the job.
  13. Dr.Brown

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    Boxline loading is a job I've done, waaay before pal labels, you actually had to know what went in what box, then manage how it fit because the boxlines get Full... My advice it since you know where every package is going, try fitting it in the box so you'll always have space for future packages
  14. dookie stain

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    What on earth is a box line
  15. Gumby

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  16. dookie stain

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    Yes really...I worked two years on preload two years on twilight and six months driving I've never heard of a box line or seen cages where boxes went
  17. Cementups

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    I'm guessing you don't work in a hub. Probably a smaller building where everyone is backed on to a belt.
  18. Gumby

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  19. cosmo1

    cosmo1 Now, a low life jack wagon, and still loving it.

    The only box line I ever saw was in a neighboring center that was even smaller than ours. Does UPS even build them any more?
  20. dookie stain

    dookie stain Cornfed whiteboy

    My center is the busiest in our area...idk how it measures up size wise...not really sure...are those things by the package cars or are they by the trailers in the back? I never worked unload during pre load