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    Starting my 30 days soon (TCD), what do you know now that would've helped you when you first started driving? Any tips or suggestions?
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    In delivery?
    Try to avoid making too many mistakes. Don't stand there looking at the load, deliver something. Don't wreck. Focus on doing things right and efficiently, do not focus on the days numbers.
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    My advice is stay p/t and get another job. Don't go F/T you may regret it. A few of our cover drivers are rethinking driving as a career. Whatever happens good luck.
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    Find the driver or cover drivers that run that route you're gonna be on ask them how they run it most likely your supervisor will do it stupidly and make sure to take some time out during the day to set your car up saves so much time and frustration to not have to search for packages.
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    Same advice with punctuation.
    Find the driver, or cover drivers that run that route you're gonna be on, ask them how they run it. Most likely, your supervisor will do it stupidly. Make sure to take some time out during the day to set your car up, it saves so much time and frustration to not have to search for packages.

    Never make decisions based on anger.Even though you feel overwhelmed,patience is underrated.
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    Dont plan too much.
    Do it the way it tells you, unless you have a motherlode in the middle. Dont worrry who is going to get a later than usual delivery. its all about you.
    Dont talk, pack a lunch, go home and go to bed.
    Have no life til you qualify, then have no life because you are qualified.
    If you get frustrated, stop, breathe in breathe out. It went in one at a time, it comes out the same way.
    If you have an accident you wont qualify, do not make a mistake in driving, and you should be fine.
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    " DITTO"............totally and learn
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    I'm a tired old need the acknowledge..........I'll rest my case
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    Stay focused, don't panic. Remember you are more important than a package. Don't pick up any bad habits....follow the methods. A high percentage of accidents involve drivers with 5 or less years so be safe and good luck!
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    I took my first few days on the route to explain to the customers that I was training and trying to make time and I would need to be in and out ASAP and that I was sorry if I came off as rude for the next month or so. Most were very understanding those that weren't got with the program real quick when they wouldn't get off the phone to sign real quick I just sheeted NR1 and headed out the door. Also take some of your break to set up your truck and I always saved ten minutes or so just in case one of the pick ups was running behind and I had to wait. Just do whatever you have to for these 30 days to make it!!!!!
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    When you find yourself stressed to the max, overwhelmed, whether it be from not able to find a package, or an address, or cant even find yourself on a map, whatever.......Stop, take a 10 minute break. Walk away from the truck during this break. Grab a bag of chips, soda, whatever and just relax and have some "me"time. Not looking at EDD. Not looking in truck. Not looking on a map. The 10 minutes that you may feel like you just lost will be made up when you get back in with a fresh head. Best advice I was given, and still use after 3yrs driving.
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    Like KOC said...take you time. Running through the whole day frazzled only increases your chances of having a wreck or making more mistakes. One of our senior guys gave me some of the best advice that I still use today...think about what your doing and be smooth. when your smooth then the speed comes along. best of luck!
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    Slow is smooth. Smooth is fast.