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    Alright, I want to address MonavieLeaker, in that I like his username, but I noticed that he is based out of Jacksonville, FL. I used to work at the hub where Monavie is based (which is nowhere near FL), and we'd get an entire trailer filled with Monavie (and that is A LOT of Monavie). Needless to say we'd leak a lot of monavie, and it would spill all over our belts, and it would fill up the sort slide (and it didn't really smell that good, so I don't know why people drink it). Sometimes upper management would come along and watch the unloader and sorter all night to make sure they used hand to surface techniques on every monavie package (it takes 2-3 hours for a Monavie trailer to get sorted). We'd always have management telling us that monavie cost $300.00 a bottle, and that we had too many damaged Monavies, but I didn't believe them that Monavie costs that much, because I thought someone would have to be an idiot to pay that much for that stuff (like I said, I know what it smells like).

    Anyway, I'm just curious to know how much Monavie ends up in the Jacksonville, FL hub. Or how much Monavie other UPSers see in their hubs. We saw a lot in my old hub, but at the center where I work now I've never seen it.

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    To my knowledge it costs $40 a bottle and to make it work youd need 3 bottles of it:knockedout:......We get close to 25-40 bottles a day all RTS'ed back to the Monavie building here in Jax
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    "To make it work...." What does it do? I have seen the packages, but I have no idea what it is.
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  5. jack4ever

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    Further, it is just about the most annoying thing to sort, I don't wear gloves at work, and Monavie is the only thing that has ever given me a blister because all the packages use that plastic coated cardboard, and when you are sorting around 1000 of them, that isn't fun. We also got trailers full of Omaha steaks, and those were pretty bad, but not as bad as Monavie.

    Also, I was riding the bus one time, and this guy approached me and tried to get me into the Monavie Multi-Level Marketing thing, and I was thinking to myself, first, I hate Monavie because of UPS, and second, this sounds like a pyramid scam.
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    Omaha needs to get rid of that plastic cover that goes over the styrofoam box.....those things dont slide too well on an unwaxed slide...:happy-very:
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    I think that Monavie costs about $30 a bottle, so most of those boxes are worth at least $120 a pop. Its a multi-level marketing scheme alright. If you join, you aren't going to make any money unless you can "Recruit Recruiters". I will notice certain days when I have a lot of Monavie or Melaluca. I appreciate that they are good customers of us, but I would rather eat a healthy diet than use this stuff.
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    What do you expect, it is named MonavieLeaker.
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    Don't you know, The plastic cover helps keep the boxes nice wet and unsliding as the comination of dry ice and chilly steaks breathe through the foam. :D
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    I always thought it was cheap wine by the way it smells. Can't imagine an entire trailer of it and daily leakers. :sick:
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    Speaking of the dry ice, I remember the yearly hazmat training video saying that dry ice was a hazmat, so technically all the Omaha Steaks should have been hazmats. I asked about it, and was told Omaha Steaks had special approval, and then later on I think I read in Inside UPS or heard from a co-worker that dry ice was no longer considered a hazmat.
  12. IDoLessWorkThanMost

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    It is under (If I remember correctly) 4.7 pounds of it is non-hazardous and can go ground or plane.
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    for ground purposes in most cases no, because its not pressurized and its non-reactive (except for extreme cases with heat and pressure)
    most of the omaha air packages ive seen have gel paks in them which work fine in air packages due to their 48-72 effective time table while dry ice could go 4-5 days (of course depending on the enviroment theyre kept in) but dry ice in the air still has to be tracked and except for medical shipments has to have shipping papers
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    Xango is worse at my center, when we get a wave of those there are always a bunch of leakers.
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    We get a lot of it here... Mon-A-Vie, Xango, and Tahitian Noni... I know the guy who is the desgnated responder and he says the stuff is $30.00 a bottle (he fills out the damage claim on the computer). He says the stuff is pretty well packed with a couple of inches of styrofoam...

    I think Mon-A-Vie, Xango, and Tahitian Noni are all the same thing just different packaging.
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    I think I saw Monavie in concert once.........oh, wait, that was Bonjovi, sorry
  17. Dry Ice (Carbon dioxide solid) by definition is HazMat (UN 1845, Class 9, PG III). 49 CFR does allow exemptions (e.g., 49 CFR 173.217), IATA regulations also allow certain exceptions regarding marking and labeling requirements. However I do not suggest to touch CO2 solid with bare hands/fingers in case of an incident.
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    I am a hazmat responder in a large hub, and if there is one leaking package to be seen every night, it is Monavie. I have seen as many as 20 broken boxes containing 4 bottles each that are damaged out on a single shift. Since broken glass is a hazzard to everyone, and shards could be present on an unbroken bottle ready to shread the throats of our customers, we dump every bottle in the box, even if just one bottle is broken. We have a special approved sink that we dump all page i leakers down. We see a lot of Xango, Noni, Perfect Water everyday. We also get broken beer and wine bottles. Wish they would just let us take it home instead of pouring perfectly good bottles of wine down the sink, but this is UPS, and common sense does not apply.
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    I am a hazmat responder at an outlying center. We are super tiny compared the most hubs and buildings. On a slow week I'll only see 2 monavie leakers, other weeks we'll have a couple per day. What I usually do is open up all the boxes and combine them. The monavie I see the most is called monavie active (with the green plastic over the top). It's always just 1 of 4 bottles that break in each box. If I have 4 monavie active leakers on the same day, I put 4 of 4 damaged for one shipment and combine the ones left over, repack them and send them on. I've talked to several sups about this and we all pretty much agree that it's best to have 1 upset customer and 3 happy ones. Plus, there isn't anything to rts.
    It's crazy to think of having a whole trailer full of those damn things. I was wondering if the driver delivering to monavie has just an insane amount of rts' to deliver there everday. I can only imagine.
  20. drewed

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    I dont see the point of pouring out the monavie, its a not a hazmat (right? we dont get much on the intl side of thing)so all you would do is clean off the other bottles and repack them? I understand the point if its hazmat but its not.....