Top hourly pay for p/t?

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  1. plisken

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    Does anybody know what the top pay rate for part timers is?
    Supposing a person chooses to stay part time and work in a hub, does their pay rate go as high as a drivers?
    Does the yearly raise stay the same?
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    there is none, as far as i'm aware. I've met some PT hub people who were making in the 20's per hour. The raises are a lot smaller though, so you'll get a lot more per hour as a driver.
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    I work with a pre loader who makes as much as a driver.I think he has at least 25 years in.I think your top pay depends on when you started and what contract.With this newest contract part time raises are higher than the full time.It may differ in you area.
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    I left a guy this morning making over $30.00 an hour on OT due to a shortage of part timers.
    He's been a p/t loader 16+ years, and won himself a mountain dew this morning from me.
    We had a small wager on what volume would be, he said over 800%, I figured at 750%. At 5am, I was talking smack, when the figure came in at 746.
    But one 10% feeder was actually a 100% Whoops someone forgot a '0'. the way I was taught to figure at ups, the 100 is actually 70, so it became 813.
    Moral, never bet a guy who has 16 years in with a company.
  5. bigdaddybry

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    All part-time employees who are hired or reach seniority after August 1, 2002, will be paid according to the following wage schedules:

    Hourly Rate

    Preloader All
    Sorter Others
    Start $ 9.50 $8.50
    Start plus ninety (90) calendar days $10.00 $9.00
    Seniority plus one (1) year $10.50 $9.50
    Seniority plus two (2) years $11.00 $10.00
    Seniority plus three (3) years $11.50 $10.50
    Seniority plus four (4) years $12.25 $11.25
    Employees working high volume direct or low volume direct shall receive the preloader/sorter rates.

    (c) The wage rates and increases provided in (a) and (b) shall be a minimum.

    (d) All part-time employees governed by this Article shall be provided a minimum daily three and one-half (3-1/2) hour guarantee.
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    Part timers at UPS have really got the shaft in the last 15-20years. I started on the preload in the fall of '77 and was making over $13 hr in the early to mid 80's. When the Teamsters & UPS agreed to to split wage between the new and old P/Ts it has affected the part time work force ever since.
  7. simple

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    What is less costly for UPS, drivers(ft) at overtime rate or preloaders and sorters at regular rate? Next time UPS bothers you about numbers tell them to explain the cost analysis for the above daily situation. Is you center using a 5ton for pickups and not deliveries? Ask them why, is it only a pickup 5ton and we haven't the need to buy a delivering 5ton.

    I'm embarrassed to be with UPS when they send 5 drivers with trucks to pick up skidded volume that has to be unwrapped and manually loaded in each truck. A 5 ton could pick up this volume in 15min versus the 15min it would take each of the 5 drivers to accomplish.

    5ton cost 15min*$20/hr=$5
    5 trucks 75min*$20/hr=$25 $20savings on labor not including travel time and extra fuel from 2 trucks. 3p5,6,1000 equals 1 5ton fuel consumption.

    keeping it simple or making it stupid
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    Or the "center" could call feeders and have a 28 foot flatbed sent to pick up the skidded material. Then the pkg drivers could continue doing what they are supposed to be doing.
  9. johnkyblue

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    When one of our 22.3's is on OT he is making near $50/hour.
  10. brownmonster

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    Feeders helping Pkg Drivers. Now that's funny!
  11. guest

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    Top rate will vary by region. Where I work there are part timers making the same wage as drivers (I believe it's $25.45 now). Anyone with a seniority date before May of '82 makes the same as drivers as long as they have a 'skilled' job, otherwise it's either $1.68 or $1.69 less per hour.
  12. trickpony1

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    there are several feeder jobs out of my hub that consist of going to customers and loading skidded material that the pkg car driver(s) clearly don't have the time/room for.
    It frees them up to do what they are supposed to be doing....delivering packages.

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    A guy who works in my area, is making almost $20 per hour after 13 years. He started I think at $8 or $8.50. And still years later, the starting rate is $8.50. Though if you work as a loader you start at $9.50 in my HUB. Now in my state they are raising the minimum wage by $2 over the next year or two to $7.15. And the government is also considering doing some kind of minimum wage raise nationwide. UPS may have even a harder time keeping people, because in Walmart or McDonald's you could be starting at $8 at least.
  14. tieguy

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    starting wage is a consideration but you have to factor in all pay issues and beni's. How frequently will wall mart bump up the starting wage. What kind of beni's do they provide. Do they have a skilled pay rate that pays a dollar an hour more.
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    My son just received his master agreement this week from the local. These wages are for someone with the company since 7/5/82. pt mechanic 26.44, pt driver helper 24.39, pt sorter 24.64, other pt 24.39. Over the time of the current contract if you had attained seniority by 8/1/2002 at the end of the contract you would have a total of $5 in raises. Those who were hired before 1982 the total raise is $1 over contact life.
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    Yeah, I was just wondering if the hourly pay tops out the same for p/t as f/t, just curious, in case I end up keeping my p/t status the whole way through. As the money looks good, I'm not sure I want to be a driver, may just keep my spot on the sort and do other work outside ups.
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    You may want to ask @IVE GOTTA PACKAGE 4U . He has all the answers
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    fixed it for you
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