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    I was working today and happen to see a fulltime sup disciplining an hourly with a steward present,this was all going on with at least 3 other hourly guys around ,i mean they could hear the whole conversation.they didnt have to do that right there, they could have at least took the guy off to the side or something.look i know you cant take every guy into the hub office for everything but that was none of those otherguys whole 10 yrs at ups this is common practice,it has never seemed right to me to do it this way,was wondering if this happens everwhere like this or just in my hub,do other people think this is cool or not,would really like to know if there are any managment out there and what they think about seems to me that it just makes this whole attitude of unprofessionalism worse,but its always been this just doesnt seem right,what do you think?
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    It isn't right and if I were in your shoes I would talk to the steward and the BA about what happened. NO ONE should be subjected to this type of action. It is very unprofessional on the part of mgt and the steward. I personally would not tolerate it. This would never happen at our center.
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    What kind of discipline?
    If it was a serious matter, then the Steward was just as unprofessional as the Sup, by not moving it into the office.
    The general bs on the belt stuff I let slide.
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    I dont know if it was serious or not but in my building it doesnt seem to matter warning letter,suspension,working termination etc.The way i see it should be done off to the side regardless but maybe thats just me.I dont want anyone hearing what im being told so the whole hub can know about it the next day.
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    Every managament related course or document I have ever seen, within UPS or outside, seems to agree on this issue. Repremands should never be done in public, with one, and only one, exception. The only exception I have ever seen for the take aside and correct or reprimand in private rule is when observing a behavior that is a serious safety concern - those should not wait for an aside meeting.

    For all other issues, doing the meeting in public is unprofessional at best, counter productive at worst.
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    Can't believe I am agreeing with an IE man. LOL...just kidding.
    The safety issue correction should be addressed immediately, it can be a learning experience for everyone. However if this infraction results in more discipline (such as a warning letter), that part should be done in private also.
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    I had this happen to me one morning on the boxline several years ago..... on car supe who everybody disliked immensely (and who I had driven with for many years in another center) was attempting to give me a warning letter while drivers were walking around and sorting their cars right next to me (all while watching and listening to every word)........There was not Union Steward present and I can't even remember what the warning letter was about, probably late air or something.......anyway.... I became livid and starting cursing him and ended the conversation by walking away and saying "You were a $%$@# driver and now you are a #$%# supervisor".... I did not sign the Warning letter and he just let it drop because I think it finally dawned on him that doing company business like that was outside protocol......I really lost my cool but if the discipline would have been handled behind closed doors I most likely would have signed the warning letter (grudgingly) and went about my business.
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    You praise in public,punish in private. It`s not just a business thing.
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    Not only is it unprofesional but unaceptable, from both parties. A Union Steward while representing a member is aforded some special rights by the NLRB as long as they are behind closed doors, if that steward were to do something that was protected under these rights while on the shop floor they could, and probably would be in very hot water!!!
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    IT Takes your hub a day . our hub is about 20 minutes or less (ITS SAD):sad-very:
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    it all depends on if the hourly would push the issue