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    I hope I'm posting in the right place, here. I'm hoping the kind folks in this forum can help me out.
    I ordered 3 separate things online on Wednesday, and of course received tracking numbers for all three of them. Everything was going well, they were all in transit and as of this morning, located in the nearest UPS facility to where I live, the last stop before boarding the brown truck and going out for delivery, so I was all prepared to get my packages on Tuesday (considering Monday is a holiday). However, I just noticed that on all my tracking numbers, I'm getting the message "A UPS shipping label has been created. Once the shipment arrives at our facility, the tracking status--including the scheduled delivery date--will be updated".

    I don't understand how it could go from being at a local UPS facility, to now suddenly they don't have ANY of my packages. I know they usually sit on weekends since no deliveries are made, but I've never had all my tracking information just disappear like that. Any ideas on what could cause this?
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    Monday is not a UPS holiday--it is a normal operating day for most of us. (I think the folks in New England have the day off but I'm not sure.)

    The tracking information you provide does not make sense to me as well. Why would it show movement with an arrival scan yet now say that we don't have the packages in our system? I suggest you re-track them tomorrow morning to get an updated status.
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    No, New England people working on Monday get double-time and a half
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    To answer the question, it appears as though the packages were never shipped by the shipper. There was a label created on their system, but they either were not created for shipment in time Friday, or they were picked up and not scanned in. It sounds like the scans you are looking at were the logical ones and not physical.
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    That's just wrong!!! :winks:
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    It's so wrong it must be right.
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    Correct Double-time and half.

    Except for the lucky few that got the day off like me. I'll gladly collect 8 hours of holiday pay and have another day to play with me children especially when in suppose to be nice out.

    Maybe I'll work Veterans Day and collect double-time and half.
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    Woah, does everyone get OT pay this Mon? not necessarily double time and a half.
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    Double time and a half because they get time and a half for working, plus the 8 hours for the holiday. Hence, double time and a half.
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    Are you sure that showed as arrived at your local facility? Did you see departure and arrival messages on the tracking screen?

    If so, I'm certain that your package is sitting at the facility waiting for delivery.....

    I have never seen tracking information disappear before. Maybe a glitch happened? Try calling the 800 number. There are some internal systems that show information not on the website.

    Again, if you saw arrival and departure events, you are likely okay. If not, the shipper didn't sent the package yet.
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    Yes exactly. I'm T-S also, so Monday I get paid and don't have to go in. :happy-very:
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    New England.
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    Just checked this morning, everything is back to the way it was now. Wasn't aware that Columbus Day wasn't a UPS holiday, I was fully expecting the estimated delivery date of 10/10 to change anytime! :P

    I did have departure/arrival dates from various locations on each tracking, so that's why it was odd that suddenly the numbers were basically telling me that they haven't recieved my package yet. But all is well now. Thank you for the help. :)