Trailer Un Loaders Peak season

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    Who's loving the peak season ?

    What a :censored2: show lol. So sick of unloading trailers, Body being so sore from all the crazy hours and being the only person on trailer. Be nice if UPS made some changes. Maybe take some weight off 1 guy and add a second person on the trailer. Its not like we have the belts that are automatically controlled, We have the old school rollers where you have to push everything off by hand.

    So how are all you doing ?
  2. Justaloader

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    I guess the irony is I deal with the exact opposite. I load trucks by hand, one person to a trailer. I'm glad we have roller lines (beats the hell out of having to run to the end of the trailer for every single package), although the roller lines are a hinderance in and of themselves, as the packages never "flow" to the end of the line.

    We have two doors in the building with what I think are called UME 24's. They are roller lines that are powered (you push a button and they extend and retract, versus having to force them by hand), and they are about waist high. You'd be surprised how much that helps - saves you from bending over to pick things up repeatedly, etc. I asked about why they don't have them in every door - response I got was "they cost several million dollars each, and we don't have the room to install them". Yet, one walk though my hub would tell you the second reason is bull:censored2:.
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    You are paid to work safe, following the methods. Not fast and ramboing your trailers.

    8 keys of liftingand lowering. Work at a safe steady pace. And if supervisors get on you quote the safety :censored2: back at them and they will hop off your nuts. Then ask them for help on EVERY over 70.

    You will only work as hard as you let them work you.

    In response to how peak is going for me - 14 hour days and super fat paychecks but i miss my baby boy
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    Pretend that there is a really hot girl tied to the back wall of the trailer and if you don't reach her in time a giant over-70 irreg is going to fall on her head.
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    What is she wearing?
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    Whatever your little heart desires.
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