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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by talkwith, Mar 11, 2011.

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    I'm considering bidding on a training route but I'm getting conflicting answers about how they work. Can the on road sups take you off at their whim or only when they are training a new driver? In other words, does it function as a bid route as long as no one is being trained on it? Otherwise, when it is cut you simply become a swing driver for the day. Thanks.
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    How do you bid a training route? They shouldn't be up for permanent bid.
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    My center has three training routes and when it is time to train a new driver they rotate the route and the bid driver bumps lowest junior bid driver. That is the only time that the bid driver will be removed from his route.
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    They can only use the route for training purposes. Do they abuse it? Yes, but only if you let them.
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    A training route can only be used in locals that allow it in their districts. Not all locals allow training routes. There are NO training routes in so. california.

    Check your supplemental, rider or master agreement for rules on training routes in your area.

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    Our center used to have just one training route. They added a training route for each loop (4) when we bid last month. The training routes were clearly marked as such. I was thinking about bidding one and asked my on-car many of the questions that have been asked here and he assured me that the only time the driver would be displaced is if they were training a new driver. If the route is cut, the driver has the option of bumping the lowest seniority driver or taking the day off.

    I stayed on my area.
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    UPS does what they want bc the union is in their pocket...good luck!
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    Like others have said, check your supplement. In the Atlantic Area you can only be displaced if they are training a new hire, other than that it's just like any other bid route.
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    In my center ( metro NY Local 804 ) we had 2 training routes that im aware of, both were eventually bid. whenever a newbie came in , he or she , ran that until they made book or got bounced.
    As previously stated , it depends on what suppliment you are under.
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    Yeah, we have two training routes. Neither are bid routes.