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    I'm new here, don't even know if this is the right forum for this, but here goes. I work in the local sort in Las Vegas, I've been with UPS for 5+ years. I'm seeking a transfer to Charleston, SC. The reason for my transfer is family/personal, yet I'm told the only way I can transfer is for educational reasons. is this entirely true? Is there any way around having to fork over money to register at some college or university in SC that I never intend to attend just to satisfy some asinine educational requirement? Any tips or hints regarding part-timers transferring within UPS are appreciated. Thanks.
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    What you call an "asinine educational requirement" is a benefit UPS offers to their PT employees who wish to continue their educations at a new location. We had a PTer a few years ago who was able to transfer to Colorado as the program that he wanted to study was offered there. Yes, there are ways to "beat" the system, but is that fair to those who do the right thing?

    Enjoy Las Vegas--you will be there for a while.
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    Allowing for people who wish to continue their education to transfer isn't asinine. Making continuing education the *only* way to transfer is asinine. I'm not trying to "beat the system," I just don't want to have to (a) lie and (b) needlessly spend money in order to live closer to my family.
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    What about leaving under good terms and then trying to get re-hired in S.C.? (no guarantee, of course, but it is getting close to peak hiring)
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    I was going to suggest that. He doesn't have a lot of time in (5 years) so building seniority won't be that big of a deal.

    It ticks me off when people abuse the benefits UPS offers (FMLA, education transfer, funeral leave).