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  1. jaker

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    Hey thinking of transferring to Arizona and my question is if I go do I have to start at the bottom of the feeder list , I don't mind being at the bottom driving but if I have to start over to go into feeder then I am staying
  2. By The Book

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    All driver transfers go to the bottom of that buildings seniority list, but retain all company seniority as it relates to fringe benefits. If you are in feeders I don't know if you can switch jobs in a transfer. If you have seniority now you would probably go to the bottom and bid from there in that classification.
  3. jaker

    jaker trolling

    Right I understand that , but I am talking more about time towards feeder

    I have one year to go until feeder and if I move Will i have to wait 12 years again to go feeder
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    Magic 8 ball says........


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  5. The Other Side

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    You never keep your seniority.

    You fall to the bottom.

  6. Indecisi0n

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    Being on bottom isn't so bad.
  7. By The Book

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    Now that you are a driver, you would not be able to outbid another driver in that center because you would now be at the bottom when you transfer there. However if you sign a bid and it gets to you it is yours to take.
  8. jaker

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    I ask because in my local if you transfer here you lose everything except your pay
  9. jaker

    jaker trolling

    I don't mind being on the bottom , but I am not going to drive another 12 years to get into feeder
  10. By The Book

    By The Book Well-Known Member

    I don't think you will lose your vacation time earned either, your company fringe benefits. If its outside your supplemental agreement your health and welfare/ pension could also be affected.
  11. jaker

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    So what you are saying is nothing that I don't know , I want to know if I have to wait another 12 years to go into feeder if I transfer

    I know what transferring means and I am ok with that but I am not going to do another 12 years in pkg car
  12. Brownslave688

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    I think everyone has already told you yes you'll have to wait.

    What does 12 years have to do with anything? At 12 years you automatically get a feeder bid in your local?
  13. jaker

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    No one has said anything about feeder they are all talking about pkg car and vacations , here the wait is 12 years of seniority to get into feeder

    I ask my HR and she said that I would have to ask someone in AZ local if I would have to wait all that time to get into feeder there , here if you move into our local with 20+ years you go to the bottom of everything seniority based

    She told me that guy transfer here thinking he would go into feeder with his time with the company but no one told him about the way our local does it , so he has to wait

    I will ask my BA when I see him buy just wanting to know some info
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  14. fres431

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    Your best bet is go feeder do it for a year then put in for transfer
  15. retiredTxfeeder

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    The wait to go from package cars to feeders in Arizona might only be 2 years. It depends on the need for new drivers wherever you go, not where you're leaving. You can never know how many are going to sign a bid list. Sometimes people have enough time, but say they had an accident or ticket in the last year and aren't eligible to bid. some folks meet all the criteria, but just don't choose to bid this time. It might take 5 years seniority one time, then 6 months later, it might take 10 years, depending on how many sign the list. You never know. My .02
  16. 1989

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    The answer is yes...if you transferred to Az today, your seniority date on the feeder sign up list will be 8/11/14.
  17. rod

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    Since when can any hourly transfer anywhere at UPS? I always though that was only possible for part time student workers. Hell-- if I would have know I could transfer to Arizona I would have done it in a heart beat-------------------------------- once every year---- for the winter months.
  18. By The Book

    By The Book Well-Known Member

    Do this, that way your in feeders.
    In your first sentence it sounds like you are in feeders. Then your second sentence talks about you being a driver, I think. Then as you finish your post I think your in feeders again. Your first post was confusing and I kind of take offense when you are the one asking for info but say what we are posting is nothing you didn't already know. Re read your original post and see how anyone can give you good info from it.
  19. aiian

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    This man gets it.
  20. ChickenLegs

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    I would imagine feeders are a highly sought position in AZ for the sole purpose of an air conditioned cab.