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    Hi guys, so I wanted to get an opinion. I want to transfer out of my hub due to mental trauma I witnessed at the work place which has scarred me. I’ve asked the union to accommodate me and they said since I have very low seniority that it would take years. I don’t want to go the court lawyer route but am thinking about it. I do see a psychiatrist for it and have ADA rights.
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    Oh this should be good.
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    Did the shrink recommend that you get a therapy dog and find yourself a safe place?

    Or did he do the right thing by telling you to grow a pair?
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    Scarred you in what way

    Pull up a chair and tell Dr. Burr all about your mental trauma. Or is it to traumatic
    to talk about so soon after you’ve been scarred
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    I've got 26 years worth of daily mental trauma that I'm dealing with , could I transfer to maybe Maui ,Hawaii or anywhere on the beach in the Gulf of Mexico , Panama City Beach would greatly reduce the stress I have endured , what say you ?
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    You are one odious SOB.

    If the OP’s username is short for Pacific Heights then he’s from SF, meaning he witnessed a driver getting his brains blown out at point blank range during PCM.

    Let me guess...yawn?

    OP: good luck. If you are indeed in from SF you can transfer anywhere in NorCal for any reason at all. I can even send you a list of all available buildings since it was something I looked into once as well.

    Honesly if you’re not giving anything up seniority-wise you’d be doing yourself a favor anyway. Get the hell out of the Bay Area and get yourself a nice fat house in the Central Valley.
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