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    Got a question. We dont have a HR person in our building to ask so figured I would ask here. I currently have almost 14 years in and am still part time. Its a very small hub but theres so much senority theres no chance at moving up to anything full time. Theres only 22 people on my shift and Im 11th on the senority if that tells you anything. Im seriously looking at least 15 more years if even then before I could drive. I see under the UPS job search there are several hubs hiring drivers. Is there anyway possible to transfer from a part time to a full time job? I would like to move from the east coast to wyoming, montana, or idaho. Kind of sucks especially when they said it would take 8 years to drive when I got hired and now its pretty much never and I already am over halfway to retirement so its not easy to just quit and find something else. Any suggestions?
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    Those jobs are probably seasonal driving jobs, which would be eliminated after peak. If they're actually permanent gigs, you might be able to resign and get hired on but if you don't qualify, you're :censored2::censored2::censored2::censored2:ed. You also might be able to pursue an educational transfer to one of those areas, but your seniority will be end-tailed (meaning you keep your hourly wage and vacations, but are put at the bottom of the seniority list as far as bidding on jobs.)
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    Some are seasonal and some are full time. I see the reason for the rule but dang there needs to be an exception for guys who have over 10 years of service and no chance of full time especially when they lie to ya when hired.

    They shut down our midnight shift years ago and we had the option of transferring with the flow so some of us did. Talked to HR where the volume went and he said 3 years to drive. Well when you transfer following the volume you get to keep your building senority so we left. Got down there and the first guy I talked to had been there 10 years and was still waiting lol. Needless to say we came back