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    Hi to all
    i have previously posted and i appreciate the support, but here i go on another question for you, as i said before i was wrongfully discriminated against because i was diagnosed with RA. {rheumatiod arthritis} And i was not brought back as a temp driver or given the full time position that i was supposed to get with the 6-1 ratio bieng met. I was offered a full time driving job after three seasons june to december, after bieng diagnose with RA i was told i wont be back as a temp and wont get the full time spot. I had to fight three years to get my job back and i go back monday, and i am very greatfull.
    Now here is the situation i have three years senority and when i go back there will be people with less senority than me. I hate to put a fellow teamster off a route they have had when im just coming back, but what do i do and how would you look at me if i did this to your buddy whos been driving. I hate to do this i did not cause the problem im only getting the job that was mine but still feel guilty, im not even sure ill have to bump anyone, we all no with the size of the loads we take out that every center could use another driver, anyway how would you look at me if this was your center and i just showed up and did this. Be gentle now.:anxious:
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    In a short...this is what seniority is all about. Personally, if someone was off on dis and came back to bump me out, I wouldn't like it but I wouldn't be bitter cuz that's what you accrue yrs for.
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    I appreciate it i understand the senority part we need it i guess i just feel bad doing it, again if it does happen management should just suck it up and add another route it would help in most centers, i just dont want to be that guy and be labled mayby i worry for nothing. but thank you
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    Mgt is not going to add another route simply because you are coming back to work. As stated above, that is what seniority is all about so, while it is nice that you are concerned about your fellow UPSers, you need to worry about yourself first. Think of Monday as the beginning of your second career with UPS and do your job to the best of your ability while following the methods and you should be fine. Mgt will probably be watching you very closely at first but will soon move on to something else once they realize you are taking care of business. Best of luck to you.
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    People here are great thank you and i do have the feeling ill have a huge target on my back from manegment, and i will follow my methods and its one stop at a time EDD is new to me as well as pas i still dont believe ill go back to a decent loaded truck lol, but i am hoping as upstate has said that eventually the target on my back will grow smaller, i keep hearing how its easier to fire someone under this new contract, but ill just do my job. i was allways so proud to be a ups driver and am fornunate enough to still have a good attitude even after what they did to me. I just want to do a good job and be safe and go home to my wife and kids after there in bed lol but anyway thanks
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    God, I wish that you were a driver in my area when I did preload.
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    that wasnt a slap against my loader sorry if it sounded that way it was more of a comment that they are so rushed and loading more than one truck at a time it couldnt be perfect and also decent loaded to me would be amount of work loaded. it was not really there fault high turn over of loaders lack of knowledge as to what order it should be done they work very hard and i didnt not mean to say they were the reason for my load bieng a mess how do you load a truck in order when theres no room to walk through it. i apologize didnt mean the way it sounded next time ill read more carefull how i state things

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    How can a preloader load 4 cars and not make a mistake.
    That is an insane assumption and we as drivers have to pay for it or rip the pal label off and throw it back into the system the next day

    When I was a preload supervisor, I would cringe if I saw someone load 4 cars, THATS THE TRUTH
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    How about 2 24's and a 1000? Thats what they had me "try" for peak in '04. In retrospect, It was pretty damn stupid of them...>:)
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    jessem, you misinterpreted what I said.I would have been THRILLED to have you on my preload team. EVERY driver is going to have issues with the preloader. I would have been honored to have you as a driver on my preload because you have a glowing pride in your job and your company. If you showed that pride, and respect for my preloaders, then you would be an asset and a joy to work with.(and possibly a pain in the ass 20% of the time,but a preload supe needs that)
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    thank you magoo i apreciate that i go back monday and am looking forward to it i am hoping a few things have changed to make everyones jobs smoother, im not looking for a miracle but i have read alot of these posts about edd and pas and have not personally experienced them yet, from what im hearing for some reason its still like peak here in the northeast, cant wait to get back in a truck on monday, been to long and magoo thanks again for clearing that up for me i felt like an ass lol
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    Several years ago our ctr had a driver return after being out 4 years with a knee injury. The next guy in line didnt like it, but had to accept it. This driver(during those 4 years) obtained his pilots license and masters degree. He came back and got a cupcake route and did it for about a year. He got caught falsifying documents and was eventually fired.
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    ouch that hurts but i plan on bieng safe and doing one stop at a and time taking my lunch. i wont be a slacker i never was and if im over dispatched ill call in if i get help great if not and im over 9.5 whatever its overtime. ill still hustle and give the company my best but its one stop at a time if i sweat the day ive got its a miserable day i just think about the paycheck to me the only down fall is im 55 minutes from work so there will be alot of times i wont see my boys, i have been there cubscout leader and soccer coach the last three years, but i go back to drive monday those days are gone other than that i like the job but if i look to hard in the back of truck and see the big picture of im screwed again i could cry lol, i try not to look till after 3:00 i may have gone off topic i wont give them any reason to say i am stealing time or adding miles and as far as misdeleveries or late air we are not machines these things will happen, i just hope its not easier to fire us over it now, i will be a target because i have a disability but if i work hard and prove myself all over again the target might get a little smaller. i must say i am nervous about going back monday.
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    great to see you made it back and you tookdown the MAN after time they will find a new guy to ride just use the methods and try not to be paranoid,they will soon forget you!!
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    Jessem, when you go back on Monday, the word you need to hammer to your preloader is not missorts- you're always going to get those. The phrase is snaking the load. This most necessary talent has left these new 'unskilled' preloaders. ( When did UPS equate 'skilled' with 'memorization'?). One shelf will literally have 200 packages on it while another will have 30. And should you point this out the preloader will look at you as if you were trying to teach him Chinese Calculus.
    Speak in his language and get the charts changes to reflect a more accurate reality.
    Jessem, you are to be an interesting experiment inthat you did not evolve into the pas reality. You left in the old system and on Monday you enter this brave new world. Keep us informed.
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    Magoo thanks explain snaking the load to me so i understand i havnt heard that before, i really like my preloader from before but of course he is gone now he drives for dhl i heard they put him on a 30 day in december peak of o4 and he failed who wouldnt fail then. i also used to tip him every friday im not sure thats the norm but saw a senior driver do this and i thought it was a great idea not to buy him but to show appreciation, anyway snake the load means what?
  17. snaking the load would work if the dispatch plan didn't change as often as it does (in our center anyway). When I loaded (like 6 months ago) the plans were so drastically different sometimes that you had no idea where you could snake. I had a couple routes that rarely changed....loved them, easy to load, easy to plan for but the other two were such a crapshoot. I learned the old way as well. I think that is the thing I miss most, by and large you knew where you had leeway as far as placing overflow everyday (save for rogue bulkstop blowouts) which produced much better load quality.

    Also the need for our manager to have 150 plus piece bulkstops "in the truck" immediately also causes load quality to suffer. He says he understands we need to stack but then conveniently forgets that when he sees it stacked out on a cart....hysteria ensues lol. I used to keep my huge bulk stops out (or in my cages) until the end (yes I would get as much as I could in beforehand) so that the biggest bulkstop which is always the drivers first stop was in the rear door sections and down the middle. After he dropped that off he had a good day ahead of him normally. Management may have hated that part of how I loaded but the drivers and their supes made sure I knew they appreciated it.:wink2:

    to the person who commented on how its hard or near impossible to not make mistakes, I'd have to agree. However I had far fewer with the old system than I did with PAS. PAS is much easier to learn, but as far as cutting down on misloads, I just don't see it. They want more done in less time and that also applies to the people applying the wonder the PALs end up on the wrong boxes.
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    why is there more misloads now? thought new system was better havnt experienced it yet but i will on monday i was hoping for a nice load
  19. sometimes the PALs (you'll see) get slapped on the wrong boxes...and the preloader ends up with the box that has a PAL on it that says it goes to their truck, but in actuality it doesn't. Like say the address says its going to park street in Boston, it could have a PAL on it that says Tremont St and as such it will go on the truck that does Tremont St because the SPA people (the ones that put the PAL on the box) are rushed and slap it on the wrong box. Granted preloaders are supposed to double check, but sometimes if they're getting hit hard, the PAL is what they go by.

    If your route was set up correctly, you'll have a nice load...if it wasn't...welll you'll see.

    When PAS is implemented correctly its a great system, but its only as good as the people who use/maintain it.
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    Were both being thrown in the frying pan on Monday.. I have been on
    WC for 4 months and TWA for 1 so I have not driven for 5 months is all. I know I have a target on my entire body.. My center manager has all but said point blank he was gunning for me.. Oh well just keep a positive attitude and use the methods.. Good luck