Truck with inaccurate odometer

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    Several years ago I covered a route with a truck with a bad odometer. It read 30 or so more miles a day then it should. The bid driver would estimate his miles everyday to avoid running 2 or more hours under. The route was a ball buster and I worked to 8:45-9:00 every night on it. I eventually got fed up with it and filed 9.5 on it. When I did that, they made a comment about the miles being too high and they took the truck off the route. Now in present time, I'm the bid driver on this route and the truck made it back to me. I went from running 1.5 to 1.75 hours over to right at scratch because of the increase in miles. (For the record, that much over allowed is fine on this route because of a terrible time allowance. They go by sporh.) Management has to be aware of the miles on this truck because it's a very old truck and has bounced from route to route. I enter the exact miles on the odometer every day so I'm not worried about an integrity issue. My question is that we're now starting Orion, and obviously it only cares about miles. Am I going to be hurting myself down the road by setting up the route with this truck?
  2. Wally

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    I would record whatever the odometer says. Write it up too. The heck with their numbers.
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  3. Brownslave688

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    Do yourself a favor and quit worrying about THEIR numbers. They should not in any way effect how you do your job.
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  4. soberups

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    Their truck, their odometer, their ORION, their problem. Your job is to deliver the stops and enter the data accurately. Period.
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  5. UpstateNYUPSer

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    When I had my country run we were told to add 15 miles to the ending odometer reading each day.
  6. rod

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    If the mileage reading works out in their favor the are never in a rush to fix it. I had an old P400 that gave me 15 to 20 miles extra on a 150 mile route every day. It was one of the few periods in my career that they weren't bugging me constantly about production.
  7. cosmo1

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    I had one of those. Hated the days it went in for maintenance.
  8. Sparkey86

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    I used to drive a p500 (workhorse) that the digital odometer had quit working. I wrote it up several time and was told by our very capable mechanic that the part to fix it was on order and I would be a while. So I estimated each day. One day my delivery supe jumped on the car in his Browns and clipboard right as I was leaving. Yes you guessed it. Time study. He failed to ask me what my starting miles were before we left and I didn't think anything about it. We worked all day and when we returned just as we exited the car he says " ok what is the ending mileage." I said. I have no idea. He said "what!?" I told him odometer hadn't worked in months...he freaked out...he threw the clipboard on the dash and said " this whole day has been an F@$@ing waist of time!" I said not bought lunch....true story.
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  9. toonertoo

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    On your orion ride the gps on his thingy will tell him/her the actual miles. He told everyone, mine was off, and no it doesnt get fixed.
  10. UPSmechanicinblue

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    They can check your odometer in telematics, there is GPS miles for the day car was in use and what the driver put in, I have used it correcting problems. All the newer cars 2008 on up are almost right on but notice the all older around 1997 trucks loose around 3 miles a day on a 150 mile route.
  11. clean hairy

    clean hairy Well-Known Member

    Thats a bit extreme, the Company attaching GPS to our thingies?
    I hope the Driver went in the back of the truck and removed the GPS from his thingy and tossed it out!
  12. retiredTxfeeder

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    Many moons ago I was assigned a P400 for my area. It was known around the center as "the magic truck." Anyone who drove it when I was on vacation or off for any reason got a built in advantage on the operation report. When you slapped the parking brake lever down after ever stop, the odometer would jump forward a couple of tenths. I wrote it up, but it wasn't a big enough deal for the mechanic to fix, so I just rolled with it. lol.